Spectacular Semester

ORLANDO (UCFKnights.com) – UCF student-athletes had another outstanding semester in the classroom to wrap up 2016. In the fall semester, the Knights put together an 18th consecutive semester with a department average grade-point average (GPA) of 3.0 or better.
UCF student-athletes averaged a 3.15 overall GPA this past semester, which ranked among the top three semesters in program history. As a group, 56 percent of Knight student-athletes finished the semester with a 3.0 or better. Thirty-one (31) Knights turned in a perfect 4.0 for the fall semester (see list below).
"This is just another example of the great academic culture here at UCF," Vice President and Director of Athletics Dr. Daniel J. White said. "Our student-athletes and our entire athletic program all understand that the most important goal we have for our young people is graduation."
"Our student-athletes continue to amaze me with their work ethic in the classroom and in competition," said Dr. Eric Wood, Senior Associate Athletic Director for Academic Services. "We're very proud of the academic success that is a tradition in our athletics program. Our coaches and staff foster an environment that leads to great academic effort being put forth by our student-athletes."
The women's tennis program turned in a 3.64 GPA in the fall to lead all UCF teams. The men's soccer team turned in the top grades of all the men's sports with a 3.29 GPA.
The following is a look at student-athletes listed among the President's Honor Roll, Dean's List and Athletic Director's Honor Roll:
President's Honor Roll (4.0 GPA – 31 Student-Athletes); Dillon Turney (Baseball), Anthony Catotti (Men's Basketball), Kyle Benkel (Football), Michael Colubiale (Football), Gary Demarest (Football), Mac Loudermilk (Football), Jason Rae (Football), Joshua August (Men's Golf), Tyler Pate (Men's Tennis), Francesca Fischer (Women's Soccer), Adrienne Li (Women's Soccer), Christina Trickett (Women's Soccer), Emily Tipton (Women's Soccer), Vera Varis (Women's Soccer), Jordan Walsh (Women's Soccer), Rosie Chamberlain (Track and Field), Emily Jenkinson (Track and Field), Tori Jung (Track and Field), Maddie Bryan (Track and Field), Bailey Ranson (Track and Field), Nerissa Moravec (Volleyball), Farah Rajaee (Volleyball), Matias Pyysalo (Men's Soccer), Brendan Rennie (Men's Soccer), Joel Vartiainen (Men's Soccer), Johanna Larsson (Women's Golf), Mia Cleary (Rowing), Zoe Barbeau (Rowing), Darby Oakes (Rowing), Julia Rifenberg (Rowing), Monica Matias (Women's Tennis).
Dean's List (3.40-3.99 GPA – 111 Student-Athletes):  Jale Hervey (Volleyball); Samuel Turner (Football); Saga Fredriksson (Women's Soccer); Laura Korsmit (Track and Field); Sean Pratt (Football); Randy Shannon (Football); Charles Sprenkel (Football); Enrique Paya (Men's Tennis); Christine Creighton (Women's Soccer);  Morgan Ferrara (Women's Soccer); Carrie Lawrence (Women's Soccer); Amanda Wilkin (Women's Soccer); Marissa Codispodi (Track and Field); Jordan Pingel (Volleyball); Cierra Jarrett (Rowing); Chelsea Gobourne (Track and Field); Halle Scott (Volleyball); Ashley Martin (Rowing); Willow Kalinen (Softball); Campbell Scholl (Baseball); Blake Tiralosi  (Football); Christian Hithe (Women's Basketball); Triston Krebs (Rowing); Jeanne Westney (Volleyball); Arjun Watane (Men's Tennis); Dani Burton (Rowing); Rachel Rabinowitz (Rowing); Kristen Taylor (Rowing); Brian Jamba (Men's Soccer); Edvina Nesukaityte (Rowing);  Josh Moser (Baseball); Brooke Imirie (Volleyball); Claudia Destefani (Rowing); Eli Putnam (Baseball); Lache Harper (Volleyball); Ann Richards (Volleyball); Alli Sabol (Volleyball); Taylor Wickey (Volleyball); Abby Zimroth (Volleyball); Nathan Bondswell (Men's Soccer); Javier Clavijo (Men's Soccer); Lauren Aiello (Rowing); Ashleigh Boyd (Rowing); Jazmin Sepulveda (Rowing); Maria Urdaneta Bey (Rowing); Linnea Goodman  (Softball); Cortney Cesarini (Women's Tennis); Ryan Crile (Baseball); Anton Delwer (Men's Soccer); Natalia Serrano Garcia (Women's Tennis); Kaeli Jones (Women's Golf); Joseph Connors (Football); Tate Hernly (Football); Ashley Spivey (Women's Soccer); Phil Hicks (Men's Soccer); Claudia May (Women's Tennis); Rachael Klunder (Rowing); Juliana Wall (Rowing); Nicolette Donovan (Women's Golf); Taylor Jenko (Rowing); Kamryn Toney (Softball); Nader Golshahr (Football); Alex Harris (Football); Tolulope Omokore (Women's Basketball); Ebony Crear (Track and Field); Na'Kiya Russell (Track and Field); Jazmine Esparza (Softball); Lauren Miller (Rowing); Harrison Richmond (Men's Tennis); Alea White (Softball); Pat Jasinski (Football); Christian Lezzer (Football); Juuso Kahlos (Men's Golf); Fifi Ndour (Women's Basketball); Johna Whitaker (Track and Field); Matthew Rosenberg (Men's Soccer); Kia Bright (Volleyball); Sarah Swiersz (Rowing); Robby Howell (Baseball); Aly Derksen (Rowing); Catherine Harms (Rowing); Dina Samaan (Rowing); Cre Finfrock (Baseball); Aaron Evans (Football); Ryan Stovash (Men's Golf); Jamesha Paul (Women's Basketball); Caroline Bado (Women's Soccer); Julia Ekholm (Women's Soccer); Jnea Bellamy (Track and Field); Gorka Aperribay (Men's Soccer); Andreas Steineger (Men's Soccer); Ayaka Nakayama (Women's Golf); Zana Krakic (Rowing); Shannon Perry (Rowing); Damara Begin (Softball); Anna Emilia Granstrom (Women's Tennis); Rory Coleman (Football); Kayla Adamek (Women's Soccer); Leonie Hamel (Rowing); Grace Lindberg (Rowing); Paula Parks (Rowing); AJ Davis (Men's Basketball); Richard Grant (Football); Mario Mathis (Football); Tristan Reaves (Football); Matthew Wright (Football); Lindsey Eaton (Women's Soccer); Jillian Jernas (Rowing); Caitlin Ross (Rowing); Jessika Scholz (Rowing); Justin Holman (Football).
Athletic Director's Honor Roll (3.0-3.39 GPA – 102 Student-Athletes): Garrett Rentz (Football); Donald De La Haye (Football); Brendon Hayes (Football); Wyatt Swanson (Football); Carlin Huegli (Women's Soccer); Alexander Shields (Men's Soccer); Nicole Snyder (Rowing); Zachary Wattman (Baseball); Kyle Coltrain (Football); Kyler Tate (Men's Golf); Elizabeth Bagerbaseh (Women's Tennis); Hayden Jones (Football); Nick Patti (Football); Nevelle Clarke (Football); Cedric Jordan-Williams (Football); Saitejas Mopuri (Men's Tennis); Aliyah Gregory (Women's Basketball); Richard Amon (Men's Soccer); Eliana Gonzalez Reynoso (Rowing); Ashley Jocelyn (Track and Field); Briana Robinson (Women's Basketball); Juan Pimentel (Baseball); Nathan Laing (Men's Basketball); Jamari Fye (Football); Jawon Hamilton (Football); Jacques Session (Football); Kayla Thomas (Women's Basketball); Carol Rodrigues (Women's Soccer); Jessica Taylor (Women's Soccer); Viktorija Senkute (Rowing); Tamesha Glover (Softball); Kyra Klarkowski (Softball); Manuel Elvira (Men's Golf); Holly Wooley (Track and Field); Anna Chamness (Track and Field); Tara Daniels (Track and Field); Melissa Hebel (Rowing); Maura Aman (Women's Soccer); Donnie Trosper (Men's Golf); Nicole Mayer (Rowing); Marija Medelinskaite (Rowing); Nicole Sikoryak (Rowing); Courtney Rotton (Softball); Andrew Rohloff (Baseball); Jordan Scheftz (Baseball); Cal Bloom (Football); Aaron Cochran (Football); Chavis Dickey (Football); Justin McDonald (Football); Taj McGowan (Football); Tre'Quan Smith (Football); Hannah DeBose (Women's Soccer); Taylor Gallart (Volleyball); Gage Marsil (Football); Briana Potter (Track and Field); Terrell Allen (Men's Basketball); Bobby Bai (Men's Golf); Loren Gallmon (Track and Field);  Miranda Watkins (Volleyball); Christian Beard (Football); Max Kligman (Football); Brandon Moore (Football); Josh Odigie (Football); Beri Scott (Softball); Danielle Wilson (Rowing); Aubrey Dawkins (Men's Basketball); Julia Marquez (Rowing); Luke Ebbesmeyer (Football); Sydney Hays (Rowing); Ivana Krkljus (Rowing); Caleb Houston (Football); Tyler Harris (Football); Megan Greenwell (Softball); Tanksley Efianayi (Men's Basketball); Chris Johnson (Football); Korey Lovett (Men's Tennis); Kornelia Wright (Women's Basketball); Bridget Callahan (Women's Soccer); Demi Heinemann (Rowing); Tiffany Lower (Softball); Ashton McMurray (Track and Field); Shaquill Griffin (Football); Venida Fagan (Track and Field); Kebreyona Acker (Track and Field); Jason Bahr (Baseball); Luke Hamblin (Baseball); Austin Murphy (Baseball); Rokas Ulvydas (Men's Basketball); Pete DiNovo (Football); Nate Evans (Football); Tre Neal (Football); Anthony Roberson (Football); Dontravious Wilson (Football); Natosha Jordan (Track and Field); Kayla Pritchett (Track and Field); Alissa Williams (Track and Field); Ashley Holder (Women's Golf); Danielle Taylor (Rowing); Danielle Braun (Rowing); Elizabeth Nava (Rowing); Katrina Wille (Rowing); Ali Little (Softball).