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NCAA guidelines require the following conditions be met in regard to the institutional memorabilia and autographs:

  1. The requested item may not be used in fundraising events for any high school organization, high school fund-raising event that will benefit a charity or educational project or any high school or prospect-aged individual. High school is defined as grades 9-12.
  2. All profit from the promotions activity or project must go directly to the requesting charity, non-profit agency or educational institution.
  3. The requested item involving student-athlete's names may not involve co-sponsorship, advertisement or promotion by a commercial agency other than a company's logo or trademark on printed material.
  4. An authorized representative of the agency must sign a waiver agreeing to adhere to all NCAA guidelines regarding this request.
  5. Use of memorabilia items must have written approval from the UCF Athletic Department.
  6. Memorabilia may not be sold, traded or donated without written consent of the UCF College Athletic Department.

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