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What is Varsity Knights?

Once a Knight, Always a Knight.

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Varsity Knights was established to encourage close relationships with and provide support to former student-athletes and team staff who graduated from the University of Central Florida. Varsity Knights was created to help foster the lifelong "bond" between UCF Athletics alumni and the athletics department.

Our mission is to build a home for all former Knights so they can connect and reconnect with the UCF Athletics department, and the University as a whole. All Varsity Knights are welcome to come see what has been built as a result of the foundation they laid.

If you graduated from UCF and were a student-athlete, manager, or athletic trainer for any of our varsity sports during your time here, we encourage you to sign up today!

Join today by making a $100 contribution to become a Gold Level member. If you are a recent graduate within the last five years, please click here for your $50 Young Alumni Gold Level Membership! Click below for more details on what your membership includes.