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UCF Athletics Priority Points

Since 2006, UCF Athletics has awarded Priority Points in several different categories that make up the priority point total. The formula includes all documented gifts to athletics. Please see below for a description on how priority points are accumulated.

NEW: Knights can now view both sets of points at the priority points site. Knights can create their priority points login, review points, request changes through a new online form, and make a gift to increase their point totals.

Black points are now home points. Black (home) points are NOT changing.

  • Total consecutive years as a football season-ticket holder since 2008 – 1 point per year
  • Total consecutive years as a season-ticket holder for baseball, basketball, soccer, softball and volleyball since 2008 – 1 point per year
  • Lifetime athletic giving – 1 point per $100
    • Lifetime athletic philanthropic donations through Dec. 31, 2017*
    • Season ticket-related per-seat revenue

*Under the Tax Reform Act of 2018, athletic giving in exchange for the right to purchase tickets or seating at an athletic event in a university’s stadium can no longer take a charitable deduction; therefor any giving after Dec. 31, 2017, must not be used for stadium seat location to remain a charitable deduction.

Gold points are away points. Gold point calculations have changed! Here’s how:

Previous Gold (Away) Calculation: 

  • 1 point awarded per $100 contributed.
  • 1 point for each $500 contributed to the ChargeOn Fund over a donor’s lifetime. Cumulative giving comprises of gifts to Athletics, including Annual Fund, sport specific, restricted, capital, and endowment gifts.
  • One-Time Bonus Points:
    • 10 points for Varsity Knights Letter Winner*
    • 5 points for UCF Alumni*

New Gold (Away) Calculation:

All revenue related points will be awarded at 1 point awarded per $100 contributed (Seat based revenue and charitable donations).

One-Time Bonus Points: 

  • 10 points for Varsity Knights Letter Winner*
  • 5 points for UCF Alumni*

Points will no longer roll over to 1 per $500.

Deadline for 2023 donations to count for Bowl Game priority: October 31, 2023.

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Thank you for your support of UCF Athletics!