UCF Sets Another Conference USA Academic Record

April 16, 2009

ORLANDO, Fla. - For the third consecutive year, UCF has placed the most student-athletes of any school on the Conference USA Commissioner's Honor Roll. The 2008-09 edition was released by the league office on Thursday and features a total of 224 Knights, eclipsing the league record of 194 that the Knights established last year.

Student-athletes named to the Commissioner's Honor Roll have a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or better. UCF's 224 outpaced SMU's 209 and East Carolina's 190 for the league high.

UCF's 224 honorees represents 60% of the school's total student-athletes and an increase of 13.5% from a year ago.

In addition to today's news, the league office will publish its list of Commissioner's Academic Medal recipients on Friday for student-athletes with a cumulative GPA of 3.75 or higher.

The full list of UCF's recipients is below.

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Student-Athlete, Sport
Colin Arnold, Baseball
Bryan Brown, Baseball
Tyler Bunnell, Baseball
Nick Choto, Baseball
Paul Cinder, Baseball
Brennan Dobbins, Baseball
Anthony Figliolia, Baseball
Alex Friedrich, Baseball
Gil Gomez, Baseball
Caleb Graham, Baseball
Chadd Hartman, Baseball
DJ Hicks, Baseball
Jake Huxtable, Baseball
Matt Manning, Baseball
Kyle Mills, Baseball
Jordan Rasinski, Baseball
Ryan Richardson, Baseball
Josh Siebenaler, Baseball
Keith Simon, Baseball
Austin Smith, Baseball
Kyle Sweat, Baseball
Beau Taylor, Baseball
Kiko Vazquez, Baseball
Cory Weech, Baseball
Justin Weiss, Baseball
BJ Zimmerman, Baseball
David Diakite, Men's Basketball
Jakub Kusmieruk, Men's Basketball
AJ Rompza, Men's Basketball
Isaac Sosa, Men's Basketball
Amara Thompson, Men's Basketball
Racine Davis, Women's Basketball
Jessica Hall, Women's Basketball
Ashia Kelly, Women's Basketball
Aisha Patrick, Women's Basketball
Shantile Blackburn, Women's Cross Country/Track & Field
Ocean Cohen, Women's Cross Country/Track & Field
Jaclyn Johnson, Women's Cross Country/Track & Field
Shannon Kelly, Women's Cross Country/Track & Field
Kelly McNeill, Women's Cross Country/Track & Field
Allison Palmer, Women's Cross Country/Track & Field
Kathia Skinner, Women's Cross Country/Track & Field
Erica Weitz, Women's Cross Country/Track & Field
Robertson Auguste, Football
Darin Baldwin, Football
Nick Black, Football
Mike Buxton, Football
Rob Calabrese, Football
Nick Cattoi, Football
Daren Daly, Football
Lyle Dankenbring, Football
Brandon Davis, Football
William Friedrich, Football
Will Gaetjens, Football
Kevin Garvy, Football
Billy Giovanetti, Football
Jake Goray, Football
Michael Greco, Football
Derrick Hallman, Football
Rashidi Haughton, Football
Sidney Haynes, Football
Chad Hounshell, Football
Austin Hudson, Football
Brendan Kelly, Football
Vance King, Football
Michael Lavoie, Football
Tom Lewis, Football
Josh Linum, Football
Latavius Murray, Football
Jamar Newsome, Football
Robert Pritchard, Football
Jordan Rae, Football
Sha'reff Rashad, Football
Jah Reid, Football
Loren Robinson, Football
Rocky Ross, Football
JR Sandlin, Football
Donielle Singer, Football
Andy Slowik, Football
Daniel Vanbronkhorst, Football
Alex Thompson, Football
Ash Weekley, Football
DJ Williams, Football
Khymest Williams, Football
Blayne Barber, Men's Golf
Kyle Cobb, Men's Golf
Kyle Davis, Men's Golf
Nicholas Donaldson, Men's Golf
Greg Forest, Men's Golf
Simon Ward, Men's Golf
Katie Detlefsen, Women's Golf
Marika Lendl, Women's Golf
Jessy Tang, Women's Golf
Victoria Tomko, Women's Golf
Sheilah Abadines, Women's Rowing
Stephanie Adams, Women's Rowing
Alanna Jo Alvarez, Women's Rowing
Lena Aspiras, Women's Rowing
Ashley Barody, Women's Rowing
Christina Bechtold, Women's Rowing
Katrina Bermudez, Women's Rowing
Rainey Booker, Women's Rowing
Tina Briz, Women's Rowing
Andrea Carr, Women's Rowing
Michelle Carter, Women's Rowing
Tayler Croom, Women's Rowing
Claire Frenkel, Women's Rowing
Shane Furlong, Women's Rowing
Ashley Gallo, Women's Rowing
Stephanie Galo, Women's Rowing
Nicole Glade, Women's Rowing
Emma Gresson, Women's Rowing
Lily Guy, Women's Rowing
Jessica Hewkin, Women's Rowing
Nicole Hoag, Women's Rowing
Danielle Hopkins, Women's Rowing
Eileen Huppert, Women's Rowing
Heather King, Women's Rowing
Katherine Krueger, Women's Rowing
Maragaret Lahmeyer, Women's Rowing
Monica Larkin, Women's Rowing
Chelsey Lauzon, Women's Rowing
Danielle Leen, Women's Rowing
Rebecca Livesay, Women's Rowing
Shira London, Women's Rowing
Caitlin Matthews, Women's Rowing
Samantha Miller, Women's Rowing
Autumn Moller, Women's Rowing
Nina Morgan, Women's Rowing
Kristen Novo, Women's Rowing
Victoria Ortiz, Women's Rowing
Lauren Patton, Women's Rowing
Caitlin Pauls, Women's Rowing
Jordynn Pauls, Women's Rowing
Jessica Perry, Women's Rowing
Lucia Pinelli, Women's Rowing
Janaye Radtke, Women's Rowing
Elizabeth Robinson, Women's Rowing
Tara Rogers, Women's Rowing
Vanessa Sabatier, Women's Rowing
Amanda Schimian, Women's Rowing
Lauren Schueler, Women's Rowing
Brittany Skidmore, Women's Rowing
Lauren Skoog, Women's Rowing
Samantha Snyder, Women's Rowing
Leah VanLear, Women's Rowing
Jessica Veeneman, Women's Rowing
Erika Venza, Women's Rowing
Taylor Wiatt, Women's Rowing
Katherine Wieland, Women's Rowing
Joshua Andone, Men's Soccer
Bryan Collier, Men's Soccer
Cameron Cooksey, Men's Soccer
Chris Feigenbaum, Men's Soccer
Andreas Haertling, Men's Soccer
Matt Heffernan, Men's Soccer
Sean Johnson, Men's Soccer
Foday Komara, Men's Soccer
Andres Marmol, Men's Soccer
Adam Martin, Men's Soccer
Kyle McEntee, Men's Soccer
Ryan Roushandel, Men's Soccer
Spencer Scott, Men's Soccer
Salomon Steinvortz, Men's Soccer
Sarah deLeon, Women's Soccer
Danielle dos Santos, Women's Soccer
Stephanie Gagnon, Women's Soccer
Jessie Gardner, Women's Soccer
Lauren Halbert, Women's Soccer
Sheri Hince, Women's Soccer
Kacie Horner, Women's Soccer
Stacie Hubbard, Women's Soccer
Kaitlin Jackson, Women's Soccer
Elisa Larrett, Women's Soccer
Lynzee Lee, Women's Soccer
Amake Ofuani, Women's Soccer
Christina Petrucco, Women's Soccer
Aline Reis, Women's Soccer
Andrea Rodrigues, Women's Soccer
Becca Thomas, Women's Soccer
Hanna Wilde, Women's Soccer
Morgan Bullard, Softball
Ashleigh Cole, Softball
Lindsay Dean, Softball
Lexi Gresham, Softball
Breanne Javier, Softball
Natalie Land, Softball
Abby McClain, Softball
Vanessa Perez, Softball
Diana Rojas, Softball
Mary Helen Tyler, Softball
Joe Delinks, Men's Tennis
Eugene Dolgovykh, Men's Tennis
Claudio Romano, Men's Tennis
Brock Sakey, Men's Tennis
Blaze Schwartz, Men's Tennis
Sinan Sudas, Men's Tennis
Jenny Frisell, Women's Tennis
Katherine Orletsky, Women's Tennis
Elvira Serrot, Women's Tennis
Andrea Yacaman, Women's Tennis
Sheree Carter, Women's Track & Field
Jackie Coward, Women's Track & Field
April Downey, Women's Track & Field
Jessica Francis, Women's Track & Field
Aisha-Maree Frazier, Women's Track & Field
Jacqueline Gilchrist, Women's Track & Field
Brittney McDermott, Women's Track & Field
Kelsey Poljansek, Women's Track & Field
Jackie Potter, Women's Track & Field
Michelle Ranc, Women's Track & Field
Katrina Skinner, Women's Track & Field
Lakendra Thames, Women's Track & Field
Vanessa Ziccardi, Women's Track & Field
Kathleen Curry, Volleyball
Katie Duggan, Volleyball
Kristin Fisher, Volleyball
Jenny Heppert, Volleyball
Cassie Ramaekers, Volleyball
Sara Rex, Volleyball
Katie Riley, Volleyball
Lauren Rosenthal, Volleyball
Stephanie Serna, Volleyball
Janine Williams, Volleyball