Rowing Takes to the Water for First Regattas of 2006

March 3, 2006

ORLANDO - The UCF women's rowing team opens the spring season at two different regattas on March 4. The openweights take on Michigan in Tampa, Fla., while the lightweights stay local and race at the Metro Cup against Rollins and Villanova in Maitland, Fla.

This will be the third consecutive year that the Golden Knights and the Wolverines have met on the Hillsborough River in Tampa. The varsity squad will enter two eights and a four, while the novice will have two eights at the regatta.

The lightweights will race 2,000 meters on Lake Maitland Saturday morning. The varsity and novice squads will each send an eight and a four to the Metro Cup.

In the fall, the varsity competed at the Head of the Chattahoochee in Chattanooga, Tenn. where the team had two boats finish in the top 10, while the novice won the FIRA Fall Classic in Melbourne, Fla.

Metro Cup
Novice 4+
Cox: Ashley Nevader
Stroke: Kelly Jensen
3: Pamela Herbeck
2: Sarah Woodard
Bow: Raquel Rojas

Novice 8+
Cox: Ashley Nevader
Stroke: Lauren Schueler
7: Ashlynn O'Connor
6: Katie Fulton
5: Raquel Rojas
4: Kelly Jensen
3: Latraia Daniel
2: Sarah Woodard
Bow: Pamela Herbeck

Varsity 4+
Cox: Anne Marie Rossi
Stroke: Laura Bacci
3: Lauren Rice
2: Megan Mitchell
Bow: Laura Brad

Varsity 8+
Cox: Anne Marie Rossi
Stroke: Lauren Schueler
7: Laura Brad
6: Laura Bacci
5: Lauren Rice
4: Pamela Wall
3: Erin Riegel
2: Megan Mitchell
Bow: Katie Fulton

Michigan vs. UCF
Varsity 8+
Cox: Heather Brooks
Stroke: Tanya Kleisler
7: Kyla Smith
6: Stephanie Adams
5: Krystina Sarff
4: Caitlin Pauls
3: Katherine Motes
2: Robin Capers
Bow: Melissa Kroll

2nd Varsity 8+
Cox: Kim Swift
Stroke: Tanis Franchuk
7: Mary Rosser
6: Samantha Heinrich
5: Melissa Westhoff
4: Jessica Veeneman
3: Christina Smith
2: Christy Collier
Bow: Brittany Kusner

Varsity 4+
Cox: Katie Chapman
Stroke: Vilma Ramos
3: Tara Rogers
2: Erika Frantz
Bow: Nicole Szwanke

Novice 8+
Cox: Lecelle Johnson
Stroke: Ally Baldwin
7: Megan Davies
6: Jackie Dent
5: Danielle Leen
4: Erin Bernier
3: Meghan Graber
2: Jill Piontkowski
Bow: Kaitlin O'Connell

2nd Novice Eight
Cox: Christen Anderson
Stroke: Tiffany Schleeter
7: Taylor Wiatt
6: Alyson Davis
5: Jennifer Miller
4: Danielle Hopkins
3: Tia Scaltsas
2: Jaynitsa Paul
Bow: Ausley Gage