Sports Psychology

Sports Psychology Contact Information

Licensed Clinical Psychologist: Dr. Gabriel Pagán-Llorens
Location: Wayne Densch Center for Student-Athlete Leadership
Mobile: (407) 669-3766
Office: (407) 823-4236

Mission: To meet the psychological needs of each student-athlete and help them achieve their athletic, academic, and/or personal goals.

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Services we offer:

  • Clinical Services
  • Knights Mental Performance Institute - Sports Performance
  • Consultations
  • Outreach
  • Bilingual Services (English & Spanish)

What do we do:

  • Individual Therapy - We offer individual counseling sessions to student-athletes to enhance their mental health and sports performance.
    • In-Person
    • Telehealth
  • Knights Mental Performance Institute (Sports Performance) - focused on mental performance to help student-athletes enhance their feelings of control and competence while training, practicing, and/or games.
  • Group Therapy - We offer group counseling on various topics related to the student-athlete experience that meet once a week during scheduled times throughout the fall, spring, and summer semesters. While topics vary, each group (typically 5-10 participants) is led by UCF Sports Psychology to facilitate discussion on the designated topic.
  • Team Consultations & Interventions – UCF Sports Psychology is trained to work with a range of performance and clinical concerns. We provide presentations on a variety of topics to teams on an individualized basis per the coaches' requests and team needs.
  • Coaches Trainings - We provide continuing education on a wide range of topics to coaches and athletics staff members to support them in their roles with student-athletes. Those topics include but are not limited to best practices for supporting student-athletes’ mental health, self-care for coaches/staff, and fostering competitiveness within your team.
  • Serve on Athletic Department Committees.

Confidentiality: All of UCF Sports Psychology services are confidential. Any information shared between the student-athlete and sport psychologist will remain confidential and will not be shared with coaches, teammates, administrators, etc. Information will only be shared with written consent or when required by law. Often individual counseling and/or sport psychology sessions will include coordination with relevant sports medicine providers who are considered part of your health care team. Confidentiality will be discussed in depth in your first session.  

How to schedule an appointment:

  • Through UCF Sports Psychology SimplePractice client portal. Click here: Sign In - SimplePractice
  • Calling Dr. Gabriel Pagán-Llorens at:(407) 823-4236.
  • Coaches/Staff can also contact Dr. Gabriel Pagán-Llorens and/or UCF Sports Psychology directly via email or phone/text.
  • UCF Sports Medicine - student-athletes can be referred by athletic trainers and/or team doctors.

Individual appointments are provided to student-athletes on an ongoing basis as needed. These appointments may last between thirty (30) and sixty (60) minutes. Individual sessions are confidential and can be worked around your busy schedule for your convenience.

Wayne Densch Center for Student-Athlete Leadership – Office 321.

After Hours Resources (Evenings & Weekends)

Knights Mental Performance Institute
The Knights Mental Performance Institute is focused on teaching and developing a Knights Mentality. Knights Mentality means that you Thrive in the Present Moment with Confidence, Awareness, & Discipline. Great athletes recognize that solid physical preparation combined with excellent mental preparation leads to their best performances.

Knights Mentality Certificate:
Register for our 4-week workshop. Participants will learn the Knights Mentality in this carefully designed workshop. Workshops will focus on four key areas:

  • Understand and control your emotions
  • Mindfulness training
  • Managing anxiety
  • Effective communication skills