Knights Conclude Action at Lake Wheeler Invitational

RALEIGH, N.C. - The UCF rowing team wrapped up action at the Lake Wheeler Invitational Saturday afternoon with a strong performance to close out the road trip. It was the Knights' fifth trip to North Carolina for the annual event.

UCF collected 13 points at the regatta, with three on Friday morning, four Friday afternoon and six on Saturday morning.

Friday Morning
The Knights' Third Varsity Eight, consisting of Audrey Vilendrer, Ashley Tree, Carolina Dovali, Jordan Simeon, Carolann Beck, Cate Maloney, Ashley Tyles, Chloe Villani and Brande Fox, finished fifth with a time of 7:15.437 to kick off the weekend.

UCF's Second Varsity Four started its weekend placing third in 7:35.407. The crew consisted of Sofia Soria, Bailey White, Meagan Lukavec, Avery Bethel and Emily LaRochelle.  

The Varsity Four featured Sophia Troia, Saskia Papsova, Aubrie Russo, Veronica Rush and Martina Pischedda finishing third with a 7:25.495, ahead of Miami, Kansas and Navy.

The Knights' Second Varsity Eight with Julia Going, Connery Cassidy, Charlotte Wiley, Lauren Montgomery, Annberlee Hothem, Kelly Brown, Lindsey Buckreis, Georgia Coyne and Emily Klysen finished fourth with a time of 08:23.799. To end the team's morning session, the Varsity Eight placed fifth with a 6:42.831 timing. The crew consisted of Mackenzie Harrod, Emily Puia, Seyene Oord, Tegan Fookes, Emma Leavens, Hannah Lovejoy, Aryann Johnson, Anna Kayser Gallego and Natasjia Voulanas.

Friday Afternoon
To open the afternoon sessions, the 3V8 finished fifth with a time of 7:06.237. The Second Varsity Four finished fourth with a time of 8:23.799. For this race, Melody Summers switched seats with Bethel.

The Varsity Four continued its strong day with a second-place finish behind Duke with a time of 7:47.682. The crew finished ahead of Oklahoma, Navy, Miami and Georgetown.

A time of 7:23.895 allowed for the Second Varsity Eight to place fifth and the Varsity Eight finished fifth with a 7:06.237 to close out the day.

Saturday Morning
Due to potential thunderstorms in the early afternoon, Saturday's races were moved up allowing the Knights to kick off their final day of racing with a sunrise.

The V8 finished its weekend with a fourth-place finish in 6:55.540. The Second Varsity Eight finished its weekend in the top three, placing third in its final race with a time of 7:09.433. The team finished ahead of Georgetown, Navy and North Carolina.

The Varsity Four ended its strong weekend and was timed at 7:42.679 to place third ahead of Alabama, Georgetown and North Carolina. The Second Varsity Four also finished third with a time of 8:09.487.
The Knights' 3V8 closed out the team's trip with a sixth-place time of 7:52.002.

Up Next
The Knights will continue their road trip next weekend as the team heads out west to Eugene, Oregon, for the Oregon State Invite. This will be the Knights' final regular-season regatta before the American Athletic Conference Championship on May 14.

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