UCF Sweeps Metro Cup


WINTER PARK, Fla. ( – The UCF rowing team swept all seven of its events at the Metro Cup on Saturday.
The Knights won their 10th straight Robin Yeuell Trophy on Lake Maitland.
UCF's Varsity Eight, consisting of Elena Esteban, Abbie Pritchard, Maria Yim, Julie Poulsen, Rusne Dziugyte, Jessica Matteson, Amy Van Ryn, Leslie Lajoie and Mia Cleary, opened the day with a first place finish in 6:23.1, more than seven seconds ahead of second-place Villanova.
The Novice Eight, consisting of Kenzie Harrod, Alexandra Morris, Danielle Forbes, Leah Taylor, Aryann Johnson, Maura Shiner, Destiny Scott, Kirstan Menello and Lindsey Evans, won by more than 30 seconds, crossing the line in 7:04.6.
The Varsity Four squad of Lauren Roman, Mia Cleary, Leslie Lajoie, Jacinta Kendall, and Dina Samaan, collected another victory for the Knights, posting an open water winning time of 7:44.8.
The Second Varsity Eight "A' boat, consisting of Nicole Mayer, Georgia Coyne, McKenna Williams, Chiara Ciullo, Michaela Gundrum, Emma Leavens, Emily Puia, Lexi Wilson and Tatum Cox, won by open water, crossing the line in 6:55.9.
The 2V8 "B" boat of Mackenzie Walton, Linda Skalova, Emily Eastwood, Rachel Dunford, Annberlee Hothem, Destiny Scott, Joelle Huttmann, Aubrie Russo and Jennifer Finch finished just behind Villanova in 7:08.3 for third place.
The Second Varsity Four boat of Kennedy Keith, Grace Trujillo, Caitlin Ross, Eileen Acken and Jordan Jahosky won by more than 12 seconds in 8:11.4.
The Novice Four squad of Sofia Soria, Danielle Forbes, Joelle Huttmann, Aryann Johnson and Maura Shiner cruised to an open water win in 8:48.3.
The Third Varsity Eight of Mackenzie Walton, Linda Skalova, Emily Eastwood, Rachel Dunford, Annberlee Hothem, Dina Samaan, Jacinta Kendall, Aubrie Russo and Jennifer Finch closed out the day with a seventh victory, crossing the line in 7:16.1
UCF returns to action on March 20, returning to Lake Pickett to host a home regatta.
Varsity Eight
1. UCF 6:23.1
2. Villanova 6:30.7
3. Duquesne 6:41.2
4. Rollins 6:52.7
Novice Eight
1. UCF 7:04.6
2. Duquesne 7:34.7
3. Rollins 8:04.4
4. Villanova 8:04.5
Varsity Four
1. UCF 7:44.8
2. Villanova 7:52.1
3. Rollins 7:59.5
4. Central Florida 8:03.9
5. Duquesne 8:11.4
Second Varsity Eight
1. UCF "A" 6:55.9
2. Villanova 7:07.9
3. UCF "B" 7:08.3
4. Duquesne 7:24.4
Second Varsity Four
1. UCF 8:11.4
2. Villanova 8:23.5
3. Rollins 9:03.4
Novice Four
1. UCF 8:48.3
2. Rollins 9:13.1
Third Varsity Eight
1. UCF 7:16.1
2. Villanova 7:34.7
3. Duquesne 7:40.4