Rowing had Two Eights Finish in the Top 10 at Head of Chattahoochee

Nov. 5, 2005

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. - The UCF rowing team had two boats finish in the top 10 of the Championship Eight race at the Head of Chattahoochee in Chattanooga, Tenn. Saturday morning.

"It was a little disappointing to finish out of the top three, but all of our boats raced solidly," said head coach Leeanne Crain. "I am pleased that the first and second Varsity Eights are so close in speed. We definitely have more depth this year, which I am sure will pay off in the spring."

The top 10 finishers were Tennessee "A," Duke "A," Tennessee "B," UCF "A," Miami, UCF "B," Kansas "A," SMU "A," UNC "A" and Tennessee "C."

The Golden Knights "A" boat, which finished with a time of 16:32.5, consisted of Mary Rosser, Stephanie Adams, Kyla Smith, Tanya Kleisler, Krystina Sarff, Samantha Heinrich, Melissa Kroll, Robin Capers and coxswain Katie Chapman.

UCF's "B" boat, who competed the course in 16:40.5, consisted of Katherine Motes, Kristin Roach, Tanis Franchuk, Tara Rogers, Hawley Jervis, Melissa Westhoff, Caitlin Pauls, Christine Richardville and coxswain Kim Swift.

The Golden Knights third Varsity Eight boat finished 16th in a time of 17:18.8, while the fourth boat was tied for 18th with Jacksonville at 17:46.3.

The novice team will race next Saturday in Fellsmere, Fla. at the Florida Intercollegiate Rowing Association (FIRA) Fall Race.

1. Tennessee "A". 16:06.1
2. Duke. "A". 16:28.2
3. Tennessee "B". 16:31.6
4. UCF "A". 16:32.5
5. Miami "A". 16:34.5
6. UCF "B". 16:40.5
7. Kansas "A". 16:44.8
8. SMU "A". 16:57.7
9. UNC. "A". 16:57.8
10. Tennessee "C". 16:58.8
11. Barry "A". 17.01.8
12. Duke "B". 17:02.8
13. Miami "B". 17:11.1
14. Texas "A". 17:16.3
15. Kansas "B". 17:18.0
16. UCF "C". 17:18.8
17. SMU "B". 17:30.4
18T. Jacksonville. 17:46.3
18T. UCF "D". 17:46.3
20. Duke "C". 7:58.3
21. Texas 18:15.2
22. Georgia Tech. 18:25.7
23. U. Of Charleston. 19:28.6
24. Emory. 19:48.1