UCF - Austin Peay Postgame Quotes

UCF Head Coach Scott Frost
Opening Statement:
"Anytime you can win in this game it's an accomplishment. Winning isn't easy, I don't care who you're playing. I was really impressed with their team and what their coaching staff has done. I thought their offense played really well. That being said, I don't think we played our best game. We made some mistakes and I'm not completely happy with our performance, but it's good anytime you can play less than your best and get a win. It's rewarding, and it's a good thing, and it's going to give us a lot to clean up and go to work on next week."

On Mike Hughes:
"Mike's been an unbelievable addition to our football team, and he continues to make plays on defense and special teams. We're lucky to have him on the team, and he is one of our best players."

On Shaquem Griffin's first career touchdown:
"I'm happy for Shaquem. You never have to worry about whether Shaquem's playing hard or not. He's been a leader for us; he's been an unbelievable player for us, I didn't know that was his first touchdown, but I'm glad he found a way to get in the end zone."

On Dredrick Snelson's catch:
"Snelson's biggest catch was probably last week, that catch up against Navy. That really helped us. He's improved a ton from last year and made himself into a really fine football player. He had a few big plays for us tonight."

Austin Peay Head Coach Will Healy
Opening Statement:
"I've got so much respect for Scott Frost and this program, I was telling him I got the chance to watch his team on film three years ago when they played Furman and then I flipped on the film this week and was absolutely blown away. I think that if they do what they are capable of doing - and I know he probably hates me saying this - but I don't see how that team shouldn't be in the conversation for the college football playoffs. Offensively, I don't know how you stop them. Defensively, I think they are solid all the way around and do a phenomenal job in all three aspects. They've got dynamic weapons; they play extremely hard; they're well coached. I mean that's a great football team. That's a top 10 team in the country."

On Austin Peay's performance:
"We did some really good things. I thought we competed for three quarters and gave ourselves opportunities to be competitive. We've got to go back and fix the things that were the self-inflicted wounds and know we've got three big weeks coming up."

On the goal of playing this game:
"My goal with this game was that these kids would have an experience that nobody in college football would be able to have during the regular season, and that was accomplished. I also challenged this group to respond and come out extremely energetic and passionate and fly around. I thought we did that as well which shows signs of maturity as a football team. I think it will help us build confidence moving forward."

UCF Sophomore McKenzie Milton
On the team's performance:
"I thought was awesome effort collectively. I think there is a score on defense Shaquem had a scoop and score, Mike took back a kick, and Titus almost got in with another pick. It was just overall a good team effort to get all those points up on the scoreboard."

On Snelson's touchdowns:
"I think the first one was incredible. In between two guys, and to have the presence of mind to touch his foot down? Even the second one was another great catch. It was a little under thrown, and he did a good job of adjusting to get his second touchdown."

On almost breaking Daunte Culpepper's record:
"After the game somebody told me that I almost got Culpepper's record for most completions in a row, which is pretty cool. I think it's a tribute to the play calling with Coach Frost and Coach Walters. They did an awesome job of getting the ball in space to our guys, just taking what the defense was giving us and our guys did a good job making plays after that."

UCF Junior Titus Davis
On Austin Peay's performance:
"Austin Peay came at us with a lot of different plays, a lot of different gadget plays and things that we have never seen before. I mean we practice hard. We knew that they were going to come out and spread us out and try to make plays off of our weaknesses, but I think this week was pretty good. They were pretty good out there. Probably one of the fastest teams that we've seen so far. They were really good."

On his interception:
"For my first pick, I didn't know what to do so I tried to lay out there and get it in there. I tried to do my best."

UCF Junior Mike Hughes
On how important it was to get back on the field:
"It is very important, just to let my guys know I'm okay. Just trying to get back out there and play with my brothers and give it everything I got. That's what I do."

On Drederick Snelson's touchdown catch:
"I go against him every day, so it wasn't surprising. But the catch was pretty amazing, hopefully he's on top 10 this week."

UCF Senior Shaquem Griffin
On channeling his inner Adrian Killins:

"My inner AK came out, so you know what I can run one. I know I'm at the line. Maybe AK and I can race one day."

On his scoop and score:
"To be honest, I didn't know that I had the ball until I got in the end zone and everyone started screaming. I saw the ball and I thought 'I might just miss this, but if I do I'll just jump on it.' The ball just stuck to my glove and I knew to just keep running. It's crazy because the excitement that I have to score a touchdown for the first time, it's so amazing. To be honest, I can't even put it into words. I was so happy to do it in front of the student section. I was just going crazy. I remember Tony Geraud was like 'Why were you running so far?' I didn't know what to do with my legs at that point, so I just kept going. You know it was an exciting night and I love every moment out there."