Salute to the 2016 Swords Awards

AAC Team Academic Award

April 28, 2016

2016 Swords Awards - Images by UCF Knights

ORLANDO, Fla. ( -- UCF student-athletes gathered at CFE Arena Wednesday evening to celebrate another successful academic and athletic year. The Swords Awards banquet is an annual event that recognizes the Knights for their accomplishments in and out of competition.

Each team had the opportunity to acknowledge individual student-athletes for their contributions: The Iron Award (selected by the strength and conditioning staff), the Coaches Award, the Newcomer Award and the Team MVP.

Additional individual awards were given out to those who succeeded in the classroom as well as in competition.

The Dr. Richard Lapchick Award, which measures both athletic and academic achievements, along with community service, was presented to track sprinter and SAAC president, Christal Peterson, and Phillip Hicks of men's soccer.

For accomplishments in the classroom, Kirsten Foster of the softball team and Matt Williams of the men's basketball team were honored with the Bill Callarman Award, which is named after UCF's former NCAA Faculty Representative.

Amy Compare (rowing) and Mason Miller (men's soccer) were named the female and male Scholar-Athletes of the Year, respectively.

The women's tennis team earned the highest female team GPA, while the men's golf team held the highest male team GPA for the third year in a row. The rowing team earned the Excalibur Cup Award, which encompasses great community service, leadership development, academic and athletic excellence, and the support and pride for their peers' events.

Robby Howell (baseball)
A.J. Davis (men's basketball)
Zykira Lewis (women's basketball)
Stephen Hood (cheer)
Holly Wooley (cross country)
Brianna Tucciarone (KnightMoves)
Justin Holman (football)
Manuel Elvira (men's golf)
Ashley Holder (women's golf)
Ashleigh Boyd (rowing)
Hadji Barry (men's soccer)
Ashley Spivey (women's soccer)
Linnea Goodman (softball)
Chris Barrus (men's tennis)
Monica Matias (women's tennis)
Anne-Marie Blaney (indoor track & field)
J'Nea Bellamy (outdoor track & field)
Jale Hervey (volleyball)
Jesse Stokes (Team Knightro)

Newcomer of the Year
Ryan Crile (baseball)
Tacko Fall (men's basketball)
Tolulope Omokore (women's basketball)
Samantha Gray (cheer)
Ivy Henderson (KnightMoves)
Tre'Quan Smith (football)
Donnie Trosper (men's golf)
Johanna Larsson (women's golf)
Edvina Nesukaityte (rowing)
Joel Vartiainen (men's soccer)
Carol Rodrigues (women's soccer)
Cassady Brewer (softball)
Emilia Granstrom (women's tennis)
Tayla Greene (indoor track & field)
Chelsea Gobourne (outdoor track & field)
Jordan Pingel (volleyball)

Coaches Award
Matt Diorio (baseball)
Matt Williams (men's basketball)
Aliyah Gregory (women's basketball)
Kevin Delgado (cheer)
Maria Renzoni (KnightMoves)
Aaron Evans (football)
Juuso Kahlos (men's golf)
Mary Mulcahy (women's golf)
Kristen Taylor (rowing)
Matias Pyysalo (men's soccer)
Saga Fredriksson (women's soccer)
Brittany Solis (softball)
Arjun Watane (men's tennis)
Cortney Cesarini (women's tennis)
Rosie Chamberlain (indoor track & field)
Briana Vaughn (outdoor track & field)
Dana Faught (volleyball)

Iron Award
Ryan Crile (baseball)
Matt Williams (men's basketball)
Ashley Polacek (women's basketball)
Joel Wadzinski (cheer)
Rosie Chamberlain (cross country)
Maria Renzoni (KnightMoves)
Mark Rucker (football)
Juuso Kahlos (men's golf)
Johanna Larsson (women's golf)
Danielle Taylor (rowing)
Joel Vartiainen (men's soccer)
Vera Varis (women's soccer)
Jasmine Acevedo (softball)
Chris Barrus (men's tennis)
Emilia Granstrom (women's tennis)
Terika Henry (indoor track & field)
Jhane' Carter (outdoor track & field)
Sheila Rojas (volleyball)