The Graduates

May 9, 2015

ORLANDO, Fla. ( - This weekend marked the commencement ceremonies at UCF. Nearly 40 UCF student-athletes graduated in May and another 16 are projected to cross the stage in August.

"Any way that you want to measure it, this is the most successful graduating class in UCF history," UCF athletics director Todd Stansbury said. "Academically, athletically, the 95 percent graduation rate - that makes us the No. 1 graduate rate for student-athletes in the country for public institutions."

The following is a list of Knights who graduated in May:

Demetris Anderson, Interdisciplinary Studies
Troy Gray, Interdisciplinary Studies
Rannell Hall, Interdisciplinary Studies
Miles Pace, Interdisciplinary Studies
Rodrigo Quirarte, Industrial Engineering
Rob Sauvao, Interdisciplinary Studies
Brendin Straubel, Interdisciplinary Studies
Scott Teal, Industrial Engineering

Men's Golf
Jose Joia, General Business
Linus Vaisanen, Finance

Men's Tennis
Frances Aulina, Finance

Women's Basketball
Bryeasha Blair, Human Communication
Yanique Gordon, Interdisciplinary Studies- Minor in Marketing
Andrea Hines, Interdisciplinary Studies-Minor in Health Sciences
Stephanie Taylor, Human Communication

Women's Golf
Fanny Cnops, Human Communication (previously earned degree in Interdisciplinary Studies - minor in Recreation)
Robyn Doig, Interdisciplinary Studies
Monifa Sealy, (Criminal Justice)

Kayla Thieken, Sport and Exercise Science
Kali Mills, Biology
Virginia Dunlop, Legal Studies
Crystal Victor, Molecular Biology, Microbiology/Health Sciences Pre Clinical

Women's Soccer
Tatiana Coleman, Interdisciplinary Studies- Minor in Fitness
Allie Gerry, Marketing
Sophie Howard, Sport and Exercise Science
Nora Kervroedan, English Literature
Diana Manis, Biology
Connie Organ, Business- Management

Ashley Gialenios, Interdisciplinary Studies
DeLaina Sarden, Human Communication

Farrah Sullivan, Sport & Exercise Science
Madeline Schroeder, Sport & Exercise Science - Minor in Fitness Training

Track and Field
Amelia Williams, Advertising Public Relations

Men's Basketball
Myles Davis, Interdisciplinary Studies - Coaching Minor

Men's Soccer
Anton Sealey, General Business

Expected Summer Graduates

Brandon Alexander, Sport and Exercise Science
Tarik Cook, Sport and Exercise Science
Easton, Michael, Interdisciplinary Studies
Jared Henry, Interdisciplinary Studies
Kevin Miller, Sport and Exercise Science
Willie Mitchell, Interdisciplinary Studies
Terrance Plummer, Sport and Exercise Science

Men's Basketball
Kasey Wilson, Criminal Justice

Joe Marotta, Interdisciplinary Studies - Minor in Coaching
Jordan Savinon, Interdisciplinary Studies - Minor in Criminal Justice

Women's Soccer
Jennifer Martin, Sport and Exercise Science
Carleigh Williams, Health Services Administration

Track and Field
Christal Peterson, Health Sciences Pre-Clinical
Kirsten Nieuwendam, Interdisciplinary Studies

Kaye-Alese Green, Interdisciplinary Studies (master's degree)

Lauren Thompson, Interpersonal/Organizational Communication