Lacing Up the Cleats With...Junior Midfielder/Defender Emily Maynard

Oct. 8, 2008

The only newcomer to start UCF's first 12 matches of the 2008 season, Emily Maynard serves as the fifth installment of UCFAthletics.com's weekly series on the Knights' women's soccer team. The junior came to UCF after competing for Maryland the last two years.

Next week's edition will focus on junior Becca Thomas.

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Emily Maynard - Jr. - MF/D - Munster, Ind./Maryland/The Latin School of Chicago
What drew you to UCF when deciding where to attend college?
I loved this school the moment I came here for my official visit. The campus is beautiful and so is the weather. I think what drew me most to UCF is obviously the soccer. This is a winning program and I think our schedule this year speaks for itself. The team works hard and the coaching staff does all they can for the team.

How does it feel to be a member of this soccer program, which is historically one of the most successful teams on campus?
The feeling is almost indescribable. Knowing how far this program has come and being a part of it is amazing. Every game we are getting more and more respect and the other sports on campus are giving us a little more credit too. This team and program are capable of a lot and I can't wait to see what the future holds.

Describe your favorite soccer moment.
I would have to say my favorite soccer moment was in high school soccer. My senior year my team went to state for the first time in the school's history and won first place. It was the first time any sport in the school's history that made it to state. It actually was a lot of firsts in terms of sports for my high school and to be a part of that was a great experience.

Describe your favorite personal experience, such as a memorable family vacation, graduating high school, getting your first job, etc.
My favorite experience or family vacation would have to be when I was 12 and my family and I went to St. Martin for spring break, when I actually had a life outside of soccer, and it was the first time I had ever surfed and went snorkeling. It was also the first time I had ever been to a nude beach, which is probably the one part of the vacation I try to forget. Quality time with the family is rare and I definitely miss it so those are the moments I always look back at.

List your top three places you have ever been to.
Paris. I went when I was in high school for soccer with the Region II soccer team and it was beautiful. I loved the architecture and history of every building.
Costa Rica. I also went there with the Region II team. I loved the culture and the passion for soccer that you definitely don't see here in the States. Kids were playing soccer in ally ways with garbage for a soccer ball and paint on the walls for goals.
Germany. And I also went there with the Region II team. The culture there was amazing. It definitely felt like the place for me because soccer is like a religion in Germany. I was fortunate enough to actually go to a game and the stadiums are just as big as the ones here for football. The crowd was crazy and soccer was great!

List your top three places you want to go to.
China. I would love to experience their culture and their way of life. I heard the food might be a little scary but mom always said to try something once!
Brazil. I want to see how my two teammates (Aline Reis and Danielle Dos Santos) got to be the way they are....CRAZY!
Canada- I also want to see how Sheri Hince became so weird...eh?

What do you see yourself doing in 10 years?
In 10 years I would have to say I would be living somewhere on the east coast living off of my friends' houses and gripping onto soccer for dear life!

What game show would you rather be a contestant on and why?
I would love to be on the classic game show that used to be on Nickelodeon called DOUBLE DARE!!! I don't know how my mom and dad would hold up to the challenge but who doesn't want to be covered in gack!!!!!

If you worked for CNN, would you be at the anchor desk, out in the field, a cameraman, a weatherman, a sportscaster or sitting in a cubicle all day away from the studio.
I would for sure be an anchor lady. I've watched Anchorman staring Will Ferrell about 200 times so I think I've got the job down.

Reflect on elementary school. Is there a project you had that you will always remember, like a field trip or cutting open a frog?
My favorite field trip was in elementary school when we went to the museum to see the dinosaurs. Luckily the cast from Jurassic Park was at the museum the same day promoting their movie. We all went up to them to get autographs and one of the actors went to shake my hand and I pulled his whole arm out, which was a fake arm covered in blood used for a prop in the movie. I screamed so loud and ran away still holding the arm because I was in shock. I still haven't fully recovered from the experience.

You have $1000 to spend at Best Buy. What do you get?
$1000? That isn't that much these days. At Best Buy that could buy you half of a plasma screen TV, if you're lucky! But I would buy a Wii and Guitar Hero for our locker room, hint, hint coaches!

You have $50 to spend at Publix to stock up the kitchen. What do you get?
Red Bull, sour gummy's and steak. So random but so good!

You're going to play a 2-on-2 pick-up soccer game tomorrow and you can pick anybody who has ever lived to play with you, even if they never played soccer before. Who are those three people?
My dream team would be Kathy Griffin, Ellen Degeneres and Molly Shannon.