Catching up with the UCF Varsity Eight: Krystina Sarff

May 18, 2007

UCFAthletics.com continues introducing Knights' fans to the members of the UCF varsity eight that earned the program's first ever bid to the NCAA Championships with senior captain Krystina Sarff. A liberal studies major, Sarff hails from Valrico, Fla. Her younger sister Samantha is also a member of the UCF women's rowing team.

When did you begin rowing? What attracted you to the sport?
I began rowing in 2004 at the University of Florida. I was attracted to the sport because of the awesome team atmosphere and the fact that I can stay close to water. I used to swim and I love water sports!

Why did you decide to attend UCF?
I decided to attend UCF because of the amazing team. On my official visit, the girls were so friendly and made me feel at home right away.

What is your favorite aspect of being a member of the UCF rowing team?
Going fast! It has been great getting to know and being friends with the most awesome people I've known in my life. The team is the best.

What is the biggest misconception that non-rowers have regarding the sport?
That it is easy and we only use our arms.

What is your most memorable highlight from the year?
When we found out we were third in the semi-final and knew we would be in the grand final at the South/Central Regional.

How would you describe the American/Canadian dynamic in the boat?
Basically, the Americans rock!! Our personalities blend really well to make an awesome North American combo. The Americans are always trying to convince the Canadians that they'll become U.S. citizens eventually.

What are you most looking forward to about the NCAA Championship?
Racing against the top competition in the nation and being able to row with the best boat and teammates in the world.

If the members of the varsity eight competed on Survivor, who would win and why?
Katie Chapman because she is super competitive. She could also hide from us because she is so small. We wouldn't be able to function with out her.

What are your hobbies off the water?
Reading Harry Potter, swimming and hanging out with my roommates.

What are your plans for the upcoming summer?
I will be training with the U.S. National Team, trying to make the world championship team.

Continue to check throughout the week for more conversations with the varsity eight. The 2007 NCAA Women's Rowing Championships take place from Friday, May 25 through Sunday, May 27 in Oak Ridge, Tenn.