Spring Football: Day Fifteen's Quick Question

April 14, 2007

Orlando, Fla. (www.ucfathletics.com) - Following each spring football practice, a general question will be asked of a selected group of Golden Knights. Today's question was:

What was your overall assessment of spring practices?

Mike Buscemi
#61 Senior Snapper

"We did a pretty good job this spring. We accomplished what we wanted to. We came out solid and everyone has practiced really hard. Everyone came out each day excited about practice. We just came out and had fun and I think it's the first time we have really had a lot of fun in a long time."

Kevin Smith
#24 Junior Tailback

"I think spring went pretty well. There are a lot of young guys out there but I feel that we really came together as a team. I think the ultimate goal of everyone learning something in the spring was accomplished. We had a lot of fun out there."

Travis Timmons
#95 Sophomore Defensive Tackle

"Overall during spring practices we made leaps and bounds improving on both the offense and the defense. This spring the defense was reconstructed. I think we have really improved. We just have to bring the intensity everyday in the fall. In order to win this conference you have to be able to step it up."

Jason Venson
#45 Junior Full Safety

"I think overall spring went really well. The defense ended on a good note today at the scrimmage. Overall I think spring ball ended on a good note, a very good note."

Mike Merritt
#85 Senior Tight End

"I think it went great. I think the defense made the offense push a lot. Overall I think the offense and defense, we just came together. This has been the best spring I have ever seen here at UCF. I give a hand out to the defense. They played very well over the spring."

Chance Henderson
#54 Sophomore Linebacker

"I think over the spring both the defense and offense made a lot of improvements. Definitely tempo wise, we picked up the tempo. The defensive coaches really stressed running to the ball and I think that is something that we got better at. Overall it was a good spring Coach O'Leary liked the spring. Overall it was outstanding."

Steven Baker
#14 Senior Linebacker

"I think overall spring was really good. The guys were flying around, especially on defense. We have new coaches and a new system and the guys really responded well. Overall I thought spring went really good this year."

Kyle Israel
#7 Senior Quarterback

"I think we went in the right direction. The offense really came around this week. Usually it takes about two and a half or three weeks for an offense to start clicking right and I think we did very well Tuesday and Thursday this week. Overall I think the defense played well today. We made some mistakes and when you make penalties like that you can't win ball games. But overall I think the defense has made a 180 degree turn from where they were at, at this point last year. We just have to get on the same page and get some of those young guys running routes and getting in the weight room and getting stronger. I think from the way the defense is playing there is no reason the offense shouldn't play at that level. It is unfortunate that it didn't look that way out there today because I know we are a lot better than how we played today and we showed that Tuesday and Thursday of this week. Overall I think it was a pretty good spring. It was great to see this many fans out here today. That was great. I think we are moving in the right direction we just have to keep that up going into the fall."