Spring Football: Day Fourteen's Quick Question

April 12, 2007

Orlando, Fla. (www.ucfathletics.com) - Following each spring football practice, a general question will be asked of a selected group of Golden Knights. Today's question was:

Who has stepped up and shown the most leadership on the team?

Josh Sitton
#70 Junior Offensive Tackle

"I would say Kyle Israel has really stepped up as a quarterback. He knows that he has to step up and really take charge out there with the offense and be a leader for us and keep the tempo out there for the offense and that is what he has done."

Rocky Ross
#5 Junior Wide Receiver

"Kyle Israel has really stepped up and shown a lot of leadership so far. He has been really vocal with everybody and knowing everyone's positions out there and correcting people on what they should be doing. From an offensive standpoint I would definitely say him."

Curtis Francis
#21 Senior Tailback

"I would have to say Kyle Israel, our quarterback. He is in a big leadership role because this year is his year being his senior season. He has shown a lot of leadership improvement from last year as far as telling people what they need to do and where to be."

Earnest Collins
Secondary Coach

"Someone I know that can keep my guys lined up back there is Jason Venson. He does a good job at keeping them lined up. As far as leadership you have him and Johnell (Neal) back there and those are the two guys who are more vocal. They are playing better this spring, I have heard, than what they have before. All of the guys have been really receptive to what is going on as far as different techniques and pulling together as a team."

Javid James
#18 Senior Wide Receiver

"There has been a team effort when it comes to leadership. Rocky Ross, myself, Josh Sitton, Kevin Smith and the number one being Kyle Israel. When you look at UCF as a team those guys are going to be the leaders on offense."