Rowers Advance to Grand Finals at Crew Classic

April 2, 2005

SAN DIEGO, Calif. - Both the Varsity Eight and Lightweight Eight crews advanced to the grand finals in their events as the UCF women's rowing team opened competition at the San Diego Crew Classic on Saturday morning.

The Golden Knights' Varsity Eight, which consisted of Amy Price, Kyla Smith, Tanya Kleisler, Melissa Westhoff, Caitlin Pauls, Krystina Sarff, Katherine Motes, Mary Rosser and cox Lisa Beltran, recorded the top time of the day in its event and won its race with a time of 6:58.9. San Diego State had the second fastest time at 7:01.5.

Meanwhile, the Lightweight Eight also advanced after placing second in its heat at 7:30.12. The crew finished faster than Villanova by over 10 seconds.

With a time of 7:30.57, the Junior Varsity Eight finished fifth in its heat and will race in the third final.

The Crew Classic caps off competition on Sunday.

UCF Heat Results

Varsity Eight
1. UCF, 6:58.9
2. UC-Davis, 7:03.06
3. Trinity, 7:07.25
4. UC-Santa Barbara, 7:08.77
5. West Virginia, 7:08.95
6. Chapman, 7:59.83

Lightweight Eight
1. UC-Santa Barbara, 7:25.3
2. UCF, 7:30.12
3. Villanova, 7:40.61
4. Stanford B, 7:44.41

Junior Varsity Eight
1. Cal, 6:58.8
2. Texas, 7:02.90
3. Oregon St., 7:14.99
4. Sacramento State, 7:17.18
5. UCF, 7:30.57
6. University of San Diego B, 8:30.74