DripU Report: Game 2

Last weekend, those shiny gold helmets worked great for UCF, as the Knights left Atlanta with a dominant 49-21 win over Georgia Tech. So why not break them out again?

For the first time since November 2006, UCF will be donning gold lids in back-to-back games. The Knights will match those helmets with white jerseys and black pants, along with the traditional stack UCF decal, as they head on the road once again to face East Carolina.

This combo, which has been worn twice before, is a striking addition to UCF's set. Every aspect of the brand is on display, with all of the Knights' primary colors working together to form a top-notch road look. It's as close to a "classic" combo as you'll see from this team, with tri-color uniforms being common among more traditional programs. But everything from the Pegasus on the sleeves to the black sword stripe down the middle of the helmet gives it an undeniably modern feel.

It's also been quite awhile since we've seen this combo on the field. After making its debut against UConn in 2016, it was last worn for UCF's game against SMU in 2017. This look has known nothing but success, with the Knights coming away from both those games with wins.

We did see a variation of this combo last season, when UCF went Gold/White/Black with the team's white knighthead jersey. But something about the black numbers and trim of the traditional white jersey just really completes this uniform.
Continuing the trend from last weekend, this will become the sixth combo to be worn by both Dillon Gabriel and McKenzie Milton.
Combo Trivia

  • Of the 12 times we've seen gold helmets since 2016, eight of those games have been away from home
  • This is the 8th time since 2016 that UCF has worn a tri-color combo
  • The Knights have gone 28-4 since we last saw this combo on the field
  • This will be the 21st time in UCF's last 54 games that the team has worn black pants, more than any other color.
  • UCF will have sported 44 unique appearances in its last 54 games

Uniform Records Since 2016

  • Traditional Stack UCF Decal: 10-3
  • Gold Helmet: 9-3
  • White Jersey: 14-2
  • Black Pants: 17-4
  • Gold/White/Black: 2-0