Q+A: Kathryn Wesolich

UCF Volleyball junior Kathryn Wesolich took some time to reflect on this past season, talk about where she expects the squad to be this upcoming season and more. Check out her full Q+A below! 

For those who don't know, what is the role of the middle blocker and how do you go about being the best you can be at the position?
The middle blocker is the player that is up blocking almost every attack. They block attacks from all parts of the court, in addition to being a quick attacker. In order to be the best you can be in this position, it's very important to read the game quickly and understand what's happening on both sides of the court. Read the other team, understand what's happening before it happens, and make the right move as quickly as possible to make sure your side of the court is in the best position to defend the ball. Speed is a really big part of being a good middle blocker. 

What are some good, at-home drills that youth players can work on to become a better volleyball player?
Ball control drills are always helpful, and if you have a ball you can do a ton of them! Working on passing to yourself or against the wall and focusing on form and specific technique will be a good drill for any level player. You can also work on your attack or block approach without a ball. I think at-home drills can be very helpful for tuning into your own body and understanding what it should feel like to be performing a task correctly.

The squad has made it to the NCAA Tournament and won the conference title every year you've been on the team (2018 and 2019). What does the team do right to be so successful and where do you see the season going this year? 
While a big goal of ours is to win conference, a bigger goal of ours is to take the program to the next level. Not only do we want to win our conference, but we train to be a fierce competitor amongst the best teams in the NCAA. I think having our sights aimed high and working year-round toward that goal can take us very far. I see our season going very deep this year. I have a lot of confidence in this team and think we can come together to be great!

What has been your favorite volleyball memory in your time at UCF?
My favorite memory at UCF was beating Florida State in the first round of the NCAA tournament this past season. The energy was electric and it was really great to get further in the tournament than we did my freshman year (2018).

UCF vs FSU (NCAA Tournament) Box Score 

What's something that people don't know about UCF Volleyball but you think they should?
I noticed from the second that I committed to UCF that this team is a family. Everyone is welcomed with open arms and you know that everyone has your back. Just like a family, we celebrate, we push each other, we make each other better, we disagree, but at the end of the day, everyone knows that you have your family behind you.

Looking a few years into the future, what are your plans after graduating?
After getting my degree in Finance from UCF, I'm planning to pursue a career that ideally involves working with people and their finances. I also hope to coach a volleyball team of my own one day.