For The Seniors

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ORLANDO, Fla. (UCFKnights.com)  As the seconds ticked down in the second overtime period, the excitement began to build for the No. 7 UCF women's soccer team. The 1-1 result against USF was all the Knights needed to clinch the 2017 American Athletic Conference regular season championship.

Prior to the match, UCF recognized its 10-member senior class. After falling behind 1-0 just 10 seconds before halftime, the Knights looked to those same 10 in the locker room for leadership - and they delivered. Just 13 minutes into the second half, the Knights found the equalizer, and held off the Bulls down the stretch to record the draw.

Each one shared what clinching the regular season title on Senior Knight meant to them.

Kayla Adamek: "For me, winning the regular season title is a big step in the right direction. I think it is just the start for us and I can't wait to see how far we can go. I am really proud of everyone, and it means so much to clinch the title on Senior Knight."

Bridget Callahan: "Clenching the regular season title last night was very fun. I think it was even more fun because we got to do it in our house, in front of a lot of families and friends. It was one of our season goals, and I'm glad that we could check that off the list. I'm hoping that winning that title will propel us into our future games with confidence, since it was a high stakes game with a lot on the line. It was a good feeling, wearing those shirts and hats. Carrying the trophy after a hard-fought game by both teams. Last night is definitely one that I'm sure most of us will not forget since we've worked so hard to get where we are. We've done it all together, as a unit. I've found myself appreciating how special this group is so many times this season. I'm happy that we could experience a taste of what it's like to win a championship together. But again, with that, I know we're all hungry for more."

Saga Fredriksson: "It was great to finish out the regular season the way we did and to see that our hard work paid off. We are all focused on what is ahead of us. We are not done yet, but winning the regular season on Friday gave us even more motivation to keep it rolling!"

Jen Vera: "Clinching the regular season championship last night was one of the most unforgettable moments in my life, especially being able to share it with such an amazing group of girls. It was great, experiencing this win at home, and having our families there to live it with us made the night even better. If I could describe the perfect Senior Knight, it would for sure be like this. I think getting this title will definitely give us more momentum moving forward into the tournament. There's something that this team has, and it's because we all work so hard for one another. It's honestly a beautiful team to be a part of."

Morgan Ferrara: "To win on Senior Knight was unlike anything I could ever ask for. This senior class is so special. To win with them for the last regular season home game was the best night of my life. I love this team, and I'm so proud of what we've accomplished so far. But the good news is, this is only the beginning."

Christine Creighton: "I am so happy for the seniors who have been here their whole career. They have worked so hard to get to this point, and I am excited to share this moment with them. What an amazing experience to have on Senior Knight, the title on the line and more than 1,400 fans cheering us on! From the moment the seniors entered the locker room, we knew everyone was locked in and had our backs. The excitement for each other carried onto the field, and we got the job done. I am proud of this team for not only working hard, but for always having a competitive attitude."

Kathellen Sousa: "Winning the regular season title was amazing! I saw the dream in my teammates' eyes, so we played for each other. We gave all we had. Before the game, I was so focused on it that I did not even think about Senior Knight. I just wanted to play the game. I wanted to get the job done - and we did. After the game, I was so happy that I did not feel tired, or sore. I just felt so happy! At that moment, all that mattered was enjoying the moment with my team. Smiles, hugs, laughter and tears - a little bit of everything. I am so proud of this team! That night marked my like, but I know this team is not done. We have a lot to accomplish together yet."

Hannah DeBose: "It meant so much to win that title. After all of the celebrations we had for Senior Knight, the celebration right after the whistle made it even more special. It was so exciting, getting to fight for that title on Senior Knight, playing on our home field in front of our home crowd. It feels amazing, but we are not done yet."

Rebecca Harb: "It was incredible! Watching this team grow since my freshman year has been a great journey, and all of our hard work paid off with this title, especially on Senior Knight. It was a perfect way to end the regular season, and I'm excited for what else is to come with the rest of the year. I love everyone on this team."

Julia Moore: "This team is my family, and we support each other through all the ups and downs, all day, every day, on the field and off. This senior class has shared so much together, and we have grown up a lot over the years. Winning this conference title on Senior Knight is so meaningful. It's not just our hard work and dedication towards the game, but also our willingness to play and fight for the girl standing next to us. Our bonds off the field have made the wins on the field so much sweeter. Being a senior, it was an amazing experience to end the regular season with a championship."