UCF - Memphis Postgame Quotes

UCF Head Coach Scott Frost
On his team's performance:
I love being these guys' coach. That was an unbelievable performance by our guys. They were hungry to play. We beat a really good team tonight and we out-played them. They prepared well; they were excited to play; they did their jobs. This team deserves whatever it gets because they've earned it."

On UCF being ranked:
"I don't really care where they rank us. I could care less. I told the team I want us to enjoy this win; we're flushing it. We're pretending these first three games never happened because we've got an 8-game season in front of us. If these guys play like they did tonight, we can accomplish whatever we want to accomplish."

On Adrian Killins, Jr.'s 96-yard touchdown:
AK is the type of guy - he's a big play waiting to happen. It happened a bunch last year. He's not the biggest guy, if you haven't noticed, so we can't force feed him 40 carries a game. But, man, if he touches it 12 times, something good is going to happen. We're going to give it to him as much as we can and keep him healthy."

On the offense:
"It helps when you get 96-or-something on one play right? There was a little crack for that kid to get through on that one. I call him Dash. Have you guys seen Dash from the Incredibles? That's kind of what AK is like. He hit hit the corner and he was gone. A lot of credit goes to our receiver blocking down field and our quarterback made good decisions. Our running back was hitting holes better than we did in game one. Our own line is getting better every week. When you can run the ball, everything else opens up. The long pass to Tre'Quan (Smith) was set up by some of the runs. We have to keep that going. Cincinnati's got a really good defense and a good defensive front too. We're going to have to be ready."

UCF Junior Kyle Gibson
On playing against Memphis:
"They had a great quarterback. He had a heck of an arm. It just felt good coming out there, just seeing what we practice, playing our keys and just playing ball."

On controlling Memphis' tempo:
"That was the biggest thing, just trying to control their tempo. After the first drive, we saw some of their plays. They ran some of the things we expected, and we didn't really tackle as well in that first drive, but after that we settled in and played ball."

On the possibility of being ranked:
"We are just taking it one game at a time."

UCF Junior Mike Hughes
On Memphis' offense and game plan:
"Give those guys a lot of credit, they came out and some formations that we didn't recognize. We kind of talked it over and got things right. Overall though, those guys are good so we've got to give them credit."

On how much hustling contributed to the team's victory today:
"The interception I had, that wasn't my guy. I saw the ball and broke on it. I had guys there playing my receiver and it just fell into my lap."

On Adrian Killins' touchdown run:
"Man, it's a relief. Whenever those guys can go out there and put points on the boards, it just helps us out that much more. We can go out there with an edge and just keep playing fast"

On Coach Frost's comments about his NFL potential
"It's just a blessing, and that's all I can say. It's a blessing to be in this position with this group of guys around me. I couldn't ask for a better opportunity."

UCF Senior Tre'Quan Smith
On Adrian Killins' touchdown:
"As soon as I saw him pass the linebackers, I knew he was gone. Honestly, I stopped running because I knew nobody was going to catch him. He's one of the fastest people in college football. Once he gets a step or two and nobody's on him, it's over."

UCF Senior Shaquem Griffin
On what kind of statement this win makes:
"We never worry about the stats. We never worry about what's being talked about. Our whole thing as a team, we just play ball. There's a lot of points, but at any day, you gotta score a lot of points to keep up with us. I give credit to the guys who came out fair and they come out playing hard. We played as a team on defense and offense. That's what we play - all together. It's kind of hard to stop a team who play as one.

On how the defense rattled Riley Ferguson:
"The best thing for us was to work on a string. You've got DBs with tight coverage, and you've got guys like it's going to make sure that we put pressure on them. That's the whole thing. We trust each other out there. It wasn't a one-man show. We made sure that we put pressure on him and we made sure the DBs did their jobs. For the first quarter, we were trying to feel everything out. But after that, the whole thing was just to keep playing as a team. Trust each other. That was the whole thing when we talked about after the first drive when we came together. 'You've got to trust me to do this and I've got to trust you to do your job' and that's what we did in our game. And it showed.

On his forced fumble:
"It feels good; it's been a long time coming. I was blessed to be able to make a big play and a big stop for our team. I don't ever worry about stats. I just play football. I just like to be out there and I always give 100 percent every time I go. I tell the big guys all the time, he said if I flush the quarterback out, you better be here to get the sack. Once you're in the trenches, we gotta work together. We've got big guys coming for you. I'm pretty sure that the quarterback is looking all over the place like 'where am I'm gonna go?' These are the guys making plays, and put me in position to make plays. I can't ask for better teammates than that."

UCF Sophomore McKenzie Milton
On thinking about not getting injured but also making the big play:

"You can't really play football thinking about getting injured. It's a game that, you might get hurt, you might not. Obviously the coaches want me to take care of my body, but they tell me to dive for the first down if it's there so I've got do what they say."

On the offense:
"Like Shaquem said, we've been working hard. We worked hard in the offseason to be on our Ps and Qs. The O-line's quick and the receivers are doing their job to get into their landmarks. We're just playing in a rhythm and we're taking it one play at a time. We had a couple of drives today that lasted longer than five minutes. For an up-tempo team, that's not usual but it just shows that we can we can attack teams in all sorts of ways.

On if having extra time to practice showed tonight:
I think so. They had extra time as well too. Any time you can game plan for a good team longer than usual, it is always to your advantage. Our defense did a heck of a job shutting down a very, very good offense. They're a little banged up on defense. We knew that coming in, so we had to exploit their weakness."

On if he would like to see the team ranked in Top 25:
"We don't have control over that - that's you guys. Whatever happens, happens. We've just got to take it one game at a time. Like Shaquem said, we can't buy into the hype. You can't get too high or too low. You're only as good as your last game so we've just got to keep working."

UCF Sophomore Adrian Killins, Jr.
On his performance:
"To be back and doing the things that I'm doing for my team to win games is a blessing. It's just nothing but great things. My o-line is working hard. Our team is working hard and we expect to be players like that in this offense. We can't go anywhere but up from here."

On how he finished his 96-yard touchdown:
"I've been running track since I was 10 years old. Track is in my blood; it's in my nature, so I had to (dip my head) because it was a long run. As soon as I got to the second level, when I beat the safety to the sideline, I knew I was gone."

On setting the school record:
"It's a great feeling. Like I said, in this offense, we expect to make big plays. To set the record at UCF is a great accomplishment."