Fit For A King

ORLANDO, Fla. ( – You may have seen them on the field, dancing around, cheering on the Knights, but have you ever wondered what a member of the UCF spirit team is like in real life? Well, in the case of David Eisenberg, he's just what you thought - an all-around type of guy who is involved in various activities around campus.
Eisenberg joined the spirit squad three years ago after helping some of the members build a prop for Knightro to use on the field during a football game.
"I helped them build this big phone booth," Eisenberg said. "At the time, Knightro was a celebrity to me, so it was cool to hang out with him. After that, I started getting closer to the members of the team. They convinced me to try out, and the rest is history."
The Sanford, Fla., native gets to meet and bring joy to all of UCF's fans.
"I love going out there," Eisenberg noted. "I get to represent UCF, our team and our school just about everywhere I go. I wear the UCF badge proudly. I feel like it's my job to show people that."
Before Eisenberg put on the gold suit, he stayed plenty busy with other extra-curricular activities, including serving on the advisory board for Knightmare Rewards.
As a LEAD Scholar, he helped start the Knights Go Pink campaign to raise awareness and funds for breast cancer.  A a part of the campaign, he helped create the Bras for a Cause event, a fashion show where guys would model decorated bras and a winner would be crowned.
Eisenberg's involvement came from a very personal reason.
"My great-aunt had a double mastectomy and has gone through breast cancer two separate times," Eisenberg recounted. "My other great-aunt actually passed away from a variety of cancers, with one of them being breast cancer. I was definitely motivated to get involved after what my family had been through."
In addition to his time with the spirit team and other activities, Eisenberg is also a biomedical sciences major and is preparing to apply for medical school after he graduates in December. His long-term goal is to become a doctor in the U.S. Navy like his grandfather.
"I would love to go to UCF's med school," Eisenberg said. "I want to stay around here; I grew up around here and I love the area. I love UCF's facility. I would love to be a part of that program."
With his resume and dedication, it's no wonder that he was nominated for Homecoming court by his teammates.
"I was really honored to be selected," Eisenberg said. "Last year at the Homecoming game, I looked out onto the field - I had a couple of friends on the court - and I thought it was something that I'd like to do. I never thought that it would be for me because I like to be more behind the scenes. This time around, being the center of attention is a whole other world, so I'm excited to go about it."
Head coach Linda Gooch has known Eisenberg for the three years that he has been on the team. She described him as nothing short of a hard and involved worker that has always been willing to help the team, as well as his friends.
"I am so proud to have David representing us on the Homecoming court," Gooch said. "He is a deserving person of that honor. We are proud to say that he is representative of the type of student-athlete that UCF Athletics is molding. As great as his accomplishments have been here at UCF, I believe that is only the beginning for David. I have no doubt that his greatest achievements are still yet to come."
Being a part of the spirit team has been the ultimate college experience for David. He has danced around at every sporting event and walked around campus making every Knight fan smile in his path.