UCF Licensing

UCF Athletics strongly believes in the need to protect and positively enhance its name and image by monitoring how its official trademarks are used in public. This is an effort that encompasses managing a list of licensed vendors who have been approved to produce products that embody UCF Athletics. Regardless of the distributing manner, UCF Athletics requires that all individuals and organizations, both internal and external, obtain approval prior to producing any products that will display the athletics trademarks.

For further questions regarding UCF Athletics trademark or becoming a licensee, please contact the University of Central Florida Business Services office contact:

Caitlin Lavelle
Marketing Specialist, UCF Business Services
12479 Research Parkway
Orlando, FL 32826-0055

Sue Gonzalez
UCF Business Services
Assistant Director, Marketing & Licensing


What is a trademark licensing program?
A trademark licensing program gives athletics control over its logos and marks. The department is able to ensure quality and consistency of all uses and merchandise that is produced to endorse UCF athletics department.

What qualifies as a trademark?
Any mark, logo, symbol, nickname, letter(s), word(s) or combination of these that can be associated with the athletics department qualifies as a trademark.

Can I use Knightro to promote my business or organization?
Use of Knightro is restricted to UCF athletics and those who obtain approval. For approval, please see office contacts.

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