Swords Awards Success

April 29, 2015

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By Dan Forcella

ORLANDO, Fla. (UCFKnights.com) -- UCF student-athletes gathered at CFE Arena Tuesday evening to celebrate another successful academic and athletic year. The Swords Awards banquet is an annual event that recognizes the Knights' student-athletes for their accomplishments in and out of competition.

Each team had the opportunity to acknowledge individual student-athletes for their contributions: The Iron Award (selected by the strength and conditioning staff), the Coaches Award, the Newcomer Award and the Team MVP.

Additional individual awards were given out to those who succeeded in the classroom as well as in competition.

The Dr. Richard Lapchick Award, which measures both athletic and academic achievements, along with community service, was presented to Megan Fish of the women's soccer team and JoMarcos Woods of the baseball team.

For accomplishments in the classroom, Kirsten Nieuwendam of the track and field team and Francesc Aulina of the men's tennis team were honored with the Bill Callarman Award, which is named after UCF's former NCAA Faculty Representative.

Jake Weiss of the men's soccer team and Sophie Howard of women's soccer were named the male and female Scholar-Athletes of the Year, respectively.

The women's golf team earned the highest female team GPA, while the men's golf team held the highest male team GPA. The rowing team earned the Excalibur Cup Award, which encompasses great community service, leadership development, academic and athletic excellence, and the support and pride for their peers' events.

2015 Swords Awards - Images by UCF Knights

Dylan Moore (baseball)
Zykira Lewis (women's basketball)
David Eisenberg (Team Knightro)
Anne-Marie Blaney (cross country, indoor track)
Brittany Vasile (KnightMoves)
Terrance Plummer (football)
Ryan Stovash (men's golf)
Ashley Holder (women's golf)
Mason Miller (men's soccer)
Tatiana Coleman (women's soccer)
Lauren Aiello (rowing)
Shelby Turnier (softball)
Chris Barrus (men's tennis)
J'Nea Bellamy (outdoor track)
Monica Matias (women's tennis)
DeLaina Sarden (volleyball)

Newcomer of the Year
Cre Finfrock (baseball)
Adonys Henriquez, B.J. Taylor (men's basketball)
Aliyah Gregory (women's basketball)
Dallas Keeney (cheerleading)
Laura Korsmit (cross country)
Maria Renzoni (KnightMoves)
Chavis Dickey (football)
Manuel Elvira (men's golf)
Laura Sojo (women's golf)
Ivana Krkljus (rowing)
Walker Dawkins (men's soccer)
Ashley Spivey (women's soccer)
Willow Kalinen (softball)
Mariano Porter (men's tennis)
Monica Matias (women's tennis)
Rosie Chamberlain (indoor track)
Johna' Whitaker (outdoor track)
Kia Bright (volleyball)

Coaches Award
James Vasquez (baseball)
Brandon Goodwin (men's basketball)
Erica Juarbe (women's basketball)
LaCara Smart (cheerleading)
Amelia Williams (cross country)
Alyssa Hayduke (KnightMoves)
Josh Reese (football)
Manuel Elvira (men's golf)
Fanny Cnops (women's golf)
Catherine Harms (rowing)
Matias Pyysalo (men's soccer)
Carleigh Williams (women's soccer)
Maddy Schroeder (softball)
Francesc Aulina (men's tennis)
Cortney Cesarini (women's tennis)
Kalen Hambrick (indoor track)
Christal Peterson (outdoor track)
Jale Hervey (volleyball)

Iron Award
Matt Diorio (baseball)
Djordjije Mumin (men's basketball)
Erica Juarbe (women's basketball)
Ashley Thompson (cheerleading)
Amelia Williams (cross country)
Alyssa Hayduke (KnightMoves)
Joseph Puopolo (football)
Alexis Gemme-Piacente (men's golf)
Mary Mulcahy (women's golf)
Andrea Krebs (rowing)
Mason Miller (men's soccer)
Kayla Adamek (women's soccer)
Maddy Schroeder (softball)
Reece Acree (men's tennis)
Sofia Baptista (women's tennis)
Lia King (track), Allison Lampert (field)
Dana Faught (volleyball)

Manager of the Year
Kyle Sheppard

Video Student of the Year
Abbey Hosey

Student Athletic Trainer of the Year
Antonio Munoz

Marketing Intern of the Year
Chris Walsh

Communications Student of the Year
Joey Nelson

Tutor of the Year
Jimmy Briggs