Spring Recap with Coach Nickitas

April 27, 2012

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By Brian Ormiston

ORLANDO, Fla. (UCFAthletics.com) - UCF's women's tennis team wrapped up the 2012 season at the Conference USA Championship, and UCFAthletics.com caught up with head coach Stephanie Nickitas for a post-spring Q&A session.

Looking back on the season, what are some of the highlights you have?
"Our win against Harvard was a big highlight. The whole team really came together that match and it ended up being a little bit of a turning point in the season. We had a ton of energy and came out fired up to play a tough opponent. I'd say our win on the road vs. SMU was also a highlight. Jenna Doerfler was down pretty big at No. 3 singles and came back to clinch the win."

Which players really stood out to you this past season?
"Taylor Dubins really did a tremendous job this year. It shows in both her singles and doubles records. She put in a lot of work over her past four years and it has really paid off. She was the most solid out of anyone on the team and we felt like we could always rely on her for a win."

The team seemed to consistently improve its play toward the end of the season, winning five of your last six at one point. What turned things around at the very end of the season?
"Again, that win against Harvard really helped build our confidence back up. We realized what we were capable of and continued to build upon that through the rest of the matches."

Looking forward to next season, what are your expectations for the team?
"It's too early to place any expectations on the season, but I'm very excited about next year. We are gaining three very talented players that will all have an immediate impact in both singles and doubles. We are going to have a lot of options in doubles and will be deeper in the singles line-up so things are looking good."