UCF Gets Splashed

Oct. 28, 2011

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By Andrea Bejarano

ORLANDO, Fla. (UCFAthletics.com) - It was definitely a day to get wet.

Describing UCF's annual pre-game pep rally, Spirit Splash, as a success would be an understatement. Voted the best campus tradition award in 2010 from the National Association for Campus Activities, there is no doubt this UCF tradition will stay for years to come.

While students lined up on Friday to get their 2011 Spirit Splash t-shirts, the music started playing and students started to get pumped up.

UCF juniors Kelly Thompson and Whitney Brown were the first ones in line to get their t-shirts. This year, it was their second time attending the event. "It is one big pool party," Thompson said. "I really like the energy associated with it."

As all the students were standing around the pond waiting, the anticipation started to rise.

"My favorite part of Spirit Splash is when they bring out the beach balls and everyone in the pond just starts throwing them [in the air]," junior Jillian Loisel said.

Not everyone planned to get splashed though.

"I always look forward to everybody rushing in the (reflecting) pond," sophomore Emily Conroyd said. "I enjoy watching all the chaos that (spirit splash) creates among students."

It seems like the majority of students were looking forward to one particular thing: rubber duckies.

Every year UCF's Student Government Association gives away hundreds of rubber duckies to students to take home as a memory of Spirit Splash.

"Giving away these rubber duckies is definitely a huge part of the tradition," senior Amanda Stevens said. "I am sure I am not the only one who collects them every year."

As an immense way to get UCF students excited about the homecoming game on Saturday, Spirit Splash had guests such as former running back for UCF, Kevin Smith, and current running back Ronnie Weaver and linebacker Josh Linam, talk to the students.

"It was really great to see those guys up on stage," senior Michael Harrison said. "They emphasized the importance on being at the game supporting our Knights."

Aside from the Homecoming game, Spirit Splash is the event most people show up to during Homecoming week.

Without a question, this tradition will be forever engraved at UCF.