Wilson Soars Over Competition

Oct. 16, 2011

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By Claire Burnett

ORLANDO, Fla. (UCFAthletics.com) - It felt like a game night at the UCF Arena on Friday as fans showed up in great numbers to support the 2011-12 UCF men's and women's basketball teams.

The inaugural UKNIGHT Madness event hosted an array of activities to keep fans entertained. Among such events was the grand finale: a slam dunk contest.

Tristan Spurlock, Kasey Wilson and P.J. Gaynor all participated in the dunk contest, but it was Wilson who stole the show.

Wilson, a freshman forward from North Port, Fla., wowed the crowd by catching a lob pass off of a chair and slam dunking over Keith Clanton. He later closed out the competition by catching a lob pass from Clanton off side of the backboard for a one-handed slam.

After being handed his dunk contest victory belt and a celebrating his victory with his teammates, Wilson discussed how it felt to be UCF's dunk contest winner.

"It feels great. Now I have bragging rights over Tristan. That is one of the main things I'm happy about," he said.

Wilson beat out Spurlock in the finals and even boasted about beating his older competitors - Gaynor is a senior and Spurlock is a redshirt sophomore - with no extra practice. "They have some experience," he said. "I didn't really practice. I just came in here and did it."

Williams also briefly spoke about the energy from the crowd and first time playing in front of Knight fans at the arena. "The crowd was really into it. It was a joy to see. I fed off of their energy."

UKNIGHT Madness was the last chance for players to show off their skills to the fans before both teams host their home exhibition games. The men's team will take on West Virginia Tech on Nov. 5, while the women's team will host Lynn on Nov. 6.