UKNIGHT and Get "THE PATCH" Fan Feature

June 22, 2011

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By Doug Richards

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Brian Stanley prepares for games at Bright House Networks Stadium like most members of the Knights - he listens to music to pump himself up. During contests, he runs all around the stadium, just like Quincy McDuffie. Like the Knights when they return to the sideline, he drinks plenty of water to avoid fatigue.

Gameday means hard, but rewarding work for Stanley, who is known by many UCF supporters as Knight Fan Stan. Stanley is a super fan who takes pride in promoting the Knights.

At every UCF home game, Stanley moves all around Bright House Networks Stadium, encouraging the Knights on the field, and the fans in the stands. Wearing a specially-made Knight Fan Stan jersey, he proudly holds signs urging the crowd to get involved in the game, and with UCF in general.

"UCF Athletics has been very good to me," Stanley said. "It is about relationships. I started, about two years ago, in my section. I then went to every section to get more fans involved."

Stanley is certainly involved in UCF Athletics. In addition to attending baseball and basketball games on campus, he is a proud marketer of the university throughout the area.

"It is not only cheering at the games," he said. "I like to be involved in the community. For me, I am not trying to be Knightro. I just want people to be more involved in UCF Athletics."

Surprisingly, Stanley did not attend UCF. His wife and sister are graduates of the university. So he attended plenty of UCF football contests at the Florida Citrus Bowl, but created the Knight Fan Stan persona after the Knights moved on campus.

Stanley, who owns and operates Jet Set Printing in Casselberry, spends ample free time, and resources, to promote the Knights. He has created KnightFanStan.com, is active on both Facebook and Twitter and hosts a weekly Internet-radio show. All of the avenues allow him to talk about the Knights, and help brand UCF. He strives to reach those who are skeptical about attending UCF games and supporting the school.

"Knight Fan Stan is so passionate about UCF, maybe you can be too," Stanley said. "If you take a fan who is on the fence, and if I can make a difference, that is worthwhile."

Stanley enjoys utilizing new media to reach potential supporters, but he says nothing beats the rush of getting the crowd going each home game at Bright House Networks Stadium.

"The feeling is overwhelming. The passion for me is tremendous. The crowd gets me pumped up. More or less, it is making sure that everybody is having a good time, and making sure that everyone gets involved with UCF sports. I want to do this for the next 25, 30 years."