March Edition of Knights Insider - Sneak Peek with Marc Daniels

Feb. 4, 2011

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By Brian Ormiston

ORLANDO, Fla. (UCFAthletics.com) - The March 2011 edition of Knights Insider, UCF's exclusive athletics magazine, is set to be out in a couple of weeks. Along with very entertaining stories about this year's baseball and softball teams as well as the family atmosphere between student-athletes, the Voice of the Knights Marc Daniels shared his thoughts on football recruiting.

Here is a glimpse of Daniels' story from his column, "From the Broadcast Booth."

Five stars, four stars, three stars, no stars. Blue chip, wood chip, chocolate chip. To George O'Leary it has never mattered. UCF's coach believes in the recruiting process that is somewhat basic.

"The tape never lies," said O'Leary. "You can see if a kid can play or not. Does he have speed and power or is he lazy and someone who can't be coached."

UCF just added another solid recruiting class. There are several key players who might have an immediate impact such as two JUCO entries in defensive end Toby Jackson and tackle Jose Jose, who originally signed last year. Plus a number of incoming freshmen will get opportunities to play early.

But O'Leary is more than just studying video when it comes to recruiting. UCF's head coach wants players who "want" to be at UCF and players who "want" an education.

"Bad kids in high school will be bad kids in college," said O'Leary. "If you don't go to class or don't try to get good grades in high school, you'll be the same here. I don't want that."

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