UCF Rowing Travels To Tennessee For Head Of The Hooch Regatta

Nov. 4, 2010

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By Brittany Dixon

ORLANDO, Fla. (UCFAthletics.com) - Once again the UCF rowing team will travel to Chattanooga, Tenn., Saturday to compete in the annual Head of the Hooch regatta. The Knights take on previous opponents such as Duke, Alabama and Miami in their last regatta of 2010. The 5,000-meter contest is set to begin at 10:55 a.m. on the Tennessee River.

UCF has 10 total boats participating in the regatta: three varsity 8+ boats, three varsity 4+ boats, two varsity 2x boats and two novice 8+ boats.

The Knights' first race will begin Saturday morning at 10:55 a.m. with the novice 8+ boats battling over 40 other competitors including Florida, Oklahoma, Louisville and nationally ranked Tennessee.

Three boats will race in the Women's 8+ Championship at 12:19 p.m., followed by the varsity 2x at 3:20 p.m. The Black and Gold's varsity 4+ boats conclude the event at 5:09 p.m.

In the 2009 Head of the Hooch, UCF's novice 8+ `A' boat kicked off the regatta and took eighth place honors coming in at 16:26.5. The `B' boat followed closely behind in ninth place with a time of 16:35.4.

The varsity 8+ `A' boat also came in eighth place in their event while the `B' boat tied with Texas for 16th place. The Knights' varsity 2x boats placed third and fourth.

UCF finished the regatta with the varsity 4+ events coming in 13th, 19th and 29th.

Line Ups

Novice 8 A
Cox: Jessie Seay
Stroke: Meredyth Ring
7: Kelsey Porter
6: Aubrey Kuperman
5: Sydney Kranz
4: Cheyanne Slater
3: Liz McKinney
2: Cyndra Kohfeldt
Bow: Liz Janiak

Novice 8 B
Cox: Liz Anderson
Stroke: Meghan Martin
7: Marissa Hiller
6: Karly Brown
5: Blaine Lewis
4: Nancy Nasser
3: Alli England
2: Dayna Bentel
Bow: Lauren Brown

Varsity 8 A
Cox: Brittany Skidmore
Stroke: Alyssa Egan
7: Liz Robinson
6: Chelsey Lauzon
5: Allisha Campaigne
4: Michelle Haves
3: Margaret Lahmeyer
2: Kara Johanessen
Bow: Katherine Krueger

Varsity 8 B
Cox: Stephanie Galo
Stroke: Chelsey Green
7: Christina Bechtold
6: Nicole Lacek
5: Kaley Tierney
4: Noelle Crosby
3: Shelby Flynn
2: Calena Illan
Bow: Anita Schmidt

Varsity 8 C
Cox: Amanda Phillips
Stroke: Leah Van Lear
7: Tory Carroll
6: Monica Larkin
5: Samantha Sarff
4: Sylvia Morgese
3: Chelsea Ernest
2: Amanda Schimian
Bow: Nina Morgan

Varsity 2x A
Stroke: Liz Robinson
Bow: Allisha Campaigne

Varsity 2x B
Stroke: Kara Johanessen
Bow: Katherine Krueger

Varsity 4 A
Cox: Brittany Skidmore
Stroke: Alyssa Egan
3: Christina Bechtold
2: Michelle Haves
Bow: Margaret Lahmeyer

Varsity 4 B
Cox: Claire Frenkel
Stroke: Chelsey Green
3: Kaley Tierney
2: Nicole Lacek
Bow: Anita Schmidt

Varsity 4 C
Cox: Lea Kram
Stroke: Noelle Crosby
3: Shelby Flynn
2: Calena Illan
Bow: Nina Morgan