UCF-UAB Postgame Quotes

Oct. 7, 2010

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UCF 42, UAB 7
Oct. 6, 2010
Orlando, Fla. - Bright House Networks Stadium

UCF Head Coach George O'Leary
On the win:
"I thought all areas of the game helped win the game. Offense, defense, and special teams contributed. Except for the start of the second half I thought we played a good all-around ball game, you can't turn the ball over but we rebounded and made some plays on offense. On defense we came out and played outstanding in the first half. We were a little stale in the second half on the first series. After that we settled down and did what we had to do against a very good offense, ranked 28th in the country. (It was a) good win, good conference win."

On how the players handled the Kansas State loss:
"The players we very focused. (It is a) good group of kids with great senior leadership as far as making sure they keep their focus where it needs to be and I think we have abilities on all facets of the game."

On Kemal Ishmael being underrated:
"He doesn't get the headlines other guys get but if I was drafting a team he would be one of the first guys I'd take. He can do a lot of things, run and pass, and makes a lot of key tackles in situations. He's a very good football player and is just being recognized on how well he's playing."

On the defense scoring two touchdowns on their own:
"It was a big lift in the second half, we were up 28-7 and we came back and had one by Josh (Robinson) in the first half and Troy (Davis) in the second half. Anytime you can score on defense it's a major plus, a lot of hard work paid off."

Defensive End Bruce Miller
On defensive scores:
"Anytime we score on defense we're all really excited because it doesn't happen very often. The offense also gets excited and pumped up."

On fan support on Wednesday night:
"The students were awesome. They came early and were loud. The whole stadium was behind us tonight and it makes a huge difference."

Running Back Ronnie Weaver
On the defense scoring:
"It definitely helps the offense. I love it when the defense scores because you never know how it's going to end up."

On what this win shows the rest of C-USA:
"It shows that we can be a difficult team; this is our next game and we succeed. We look forward to the next game now - which are, from here on out, all conference games. We just need to keep working hard."

Defensive Back Darin Baldwin
On the game:
"I just wanted to come back strong and help my team."

On crowd support:
"It helps us out a lot and messes with the offensive line of UAB. Having loud crowd support helps us as well to add some strength on defense."

On UCF vs. UAB past:
"The past two years we haven't played well against them. Two years ago they beat us at home 15-0; which didn't show an impressive offensive game from us at all. The coaches put 15-0 flyers in our lockers, on the walls and in the gym. That really made us determined to work hard. During pre-game they changed the flyers to 56-0 for what they expected the score to come out to today."

UAB Head Coach Neil Callaway
On the game:
"They outplayed us. They out coached us. They did everything better than we did. We weren't ready to play and that is my fault.

"We never got anything going. The first half they really embarrassed us. The second half we picked it up a little bit, but not nearly where it needed to be. Too little, too late.

"Congratulations to George [O'Leary] and UCF. They did an outstanding job and I congratulate them."

On Jeff Godfrey and Rob Calabrese:
"He is a good quarterback. He's athletic. I thought he managed the game well. And they played Rob Calabrese to. It really didn't matter who was playing quarterback they were kicking out butt."