Summer Student-Athlete Update - Becca Thomas

July 14, 2009

ORLANDO, Fla. (UCFAthletics.com) - Coming off an appearance in the NCAA Tournament Second Round, the UCF women's soccer team is quickly approaching training camp in early August. So UCFAthletics.com wanted to check in with senior Becca Thomas to see what she has been up to this summer and how much she is looking forward to the 2009 season.

What are you looking forward to the most going into your senior year?
"The opportunity and chance to be more successful than any year in the past. We have a schedule that is definitely challenging and I think we are a strong team that has the potential to accomplish something we haven't done in a long time."

What are the primary things you want to improve on for yourself in 2009?
"I think I have so much I need to improve on as a soccer player, as a student and as a person in general that I couldn't even put together a list. I know I want to personally improve whatever it may be to help our team finish first instead of third in conference; win a conference tournament; and I want to help our team go past the second round of the NCAA Tournament."

This senior class is pretty large and has certainly been very successful. Why do you think you have played so well together each season?
"Our team has great chemistry. Each season we go through frustrating times but we are always there for each other and we recognize and realize that we are doing it together. Our senior class is a big class and I think we all have contributed in some way to bringing the above attitude to our team."

How do you prepare for August and the first few days of training as a team?
"I have personally been running, working out and playing soccer as frequently as my body can handle so that I will be ready for August and the season. This summer our team has been playing soccer and running together much more than years in the past. You can definitely tell the girls are committed and excited for the upcoming season."

Were you able to take a vacation after the spring, and if so where did you go?
"Yes, I had the chance to go home to see my family. This is something I enjoy finding time to do. I do not get to see my family much and they mean a lot to me. I love spending time with my siblings, they are awesome."

Coach Amanda Cromwell has had a lot of coaching experience lately with U.S. Soccer. What kind of coach has she been like at UCF and what have you learned the most from her?
"Coach has done a great job with the program here at UCF and all of us tease her about being `the real deal,' but she really does do a great job at helping create a competitive environment day in and day out at practice. I like how she is so competitive, I think it is important for your coaches to be competitive because this attitude becomes contagious and definitely trickles down to the players."

What do you consider your most memorable moment so far as a Knight?
"Making the NCAA Tournament the first time was amazing. I am sure there are so many team moments that I have loved, but I don't want to embarrass anyone....haha."