UCF Football Summer Player Update - Reggie Weams

June 19, 2009

ORLANDO (UCFAthletics.com) - Over the past two seasons, junior strong safety Reggie Weams (Baton Rouge, La.) had the chance to watch an experienced and decorated UCF secondary on the field. Having been working hard in the offseason, Weams is now looking to fill those shoes and become a leader on the field for the Knights.

Despite playing behind the likes of Jason Venson and Sha'reff Rashad, Weams gained valuable experience in the secondary and on special teams. Weams has seen action in each of UCF's 26 games over the past two seasons, accumulating 21 tackles and a fumble recovery.

Recently, UCFAthletics.com caught up with Weams for a quick Q&A. Fans who would like to catch Weams and all of his Knight teammates in action for seven exciting home games this fall can get their season tickets today either by calling 407-823-1000 or here online at UCFAthletics.com.

What do you have going on this summer?
"I am taking a class in Summer A and then another for Summer B. As far as football goes we are working hard in the weight room and actually doing seven-on-seven and stuff like that just preparing for the season."

What classes are you taking this summer?
"American History 2020 in Summer A and American History 2010 for Summer B"

Do you like them?
"Yeah it is nice to learn and know about your country. I like learning about the wars and battles, but it is interesting though."

What are you doing when you're not playing football right now?
"Just chilling and enjoying life for what it is because you know when summer B comes it is time to go back to work. So right now it's like a little break, not really a break, but just enjoying life."

Since you have been here a couple years now are you looking forward to summer B when everyone comes back, and being in a better position than some of the newer guys?
"Yeah coming back, chilling with the guys and being more of a leader now to the younger cats, and the two young DB's that are looking up to me. So it's going to be nice and interesting to teach them some skills"

Is that a role you look forward to and enjoy having?
"Yes most definitely."

Have you been able to get home much over the break?
"I try, but not really though being that I am from Louisiana. I try to talk to my family every night, as long as I can talk to them for 10 minutes that's all I need."

Do you get a chance to hang out, take a couple days off on the weekend with the guys and do anything exciting?
"Yeah actually last night we were all together. Just having fun, but we usually go to the beach or something like that when we can."

Anything I might be missing about Reggie Weams, something you want UCF fans to know?
"Just be prepared. I've been doing this strong safety thing for a while, and I'm just ready to get my name out their and show everybody, and also my team and coaches, that they can depend on me."

What are your goals personally?
"Personally just step up, be a leader, make big plays and try to make a good name for myself, my team and for UCF."

With the youth in the secondary is that something you view as a plus, a minus, or how do you view that?
"Actually, I don't even look at it like that because like I said we've all been doing it for awhile. It is just the fact that whenever you get that chance you got to see what you can do."

How do you think your experience on special teams and your sprinkling in on plays in games last year will help you?
"Yeah just being on the field and knowing the different type of speed from high school and everything. In general, it is nice because we learned a lot from those guys. Where they left off here, we pick up."