UCF-Southern Miss Post-Game Quotes

Nov. 8, 2008

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George O'Leary
Opening Statement
"Before the game I spoke to our team and said that football was a game of making things happen. Players in my opinion either make things happen, watch things happen or don't know what the heck happened. We have a bunch of kids on defense that are making some things happen, and way too many players on offense that aren't making things happen. We sure had our opportunities today in the passing game to move the ball down the field, and we just didn't get it done. I feel bad for the senior class who have given everything for four years here and lose their bowl opportunity."
On running the ball six times in the second half
"I think we ran the ball when we had the opportunity. They were putting seven and eight man fronts up there and a lot of man coverage. That is why the passing game was there. We just didn't make hay with it. They had an extra guy in the run game all the time and part of that is why we were throwing it. We had some opportunities and we just didn't get it done."
On offensive futility in second halves of games
"I just don't think we have enough guys on offense who can make things happen. I really don't. When you have opportunities and you don't make the play then I think that is happening."
On Southern Miss' nine-minute drive in third quarter
"I think we had third down opportunities that you have to make plays on. We had to put a freshman in for Chance Henderson, and that is where they completed the pass. Again, it was a tough game and defense was on the field a lot, but that is why they are on scholarship."
On Joe Burnett having opposing teams kick away from him
"Everyone is doing it, and there is not much you can do to help him out. They are basically squibbing it, or kicking it away from him every time. We continue working on stacking the returners and try to switch it up. That is a credit to him that they have that much respect for him and what he has done."
On the senior class
"I feel real bad for them because they have been with the program now for four years with some of them being three or four year starters. I just feel bad that they don't have the chance to receive a reward and go to a bowl game. They have put and awful lot of good times, plays and wins into this program."
On Joe Weatherford
"He is number three right now in the program. I know George Godsey is getting him some reps in practice and trying to see where he is going. I think based on what happens in the next part of the season, then you will see his name pop up on the field. Again, as I have told the team, we are out to win football games. I think the guys who are playing, are the ones who are supposed to be on the field. We haven't missed anyone."

Senior Safety Jason Venson
On the loss:
"It was a tough game. We tried the best we could to get a win but you have got to tip your hat to Southern Miss. They are a great team and they played a great game. Going out there and not making plays is what we have been doing the past couple of games and that's why we are losing. Big-time players have to go out there and make big plays. We all are hurt about the loss but you just have to regroup and get ready for Memphis next weekend."
On the season:
"Very disappointed that we are not going to be able to come away with a winning season. We worked very hard this year and we would love to have gone to a bowl. We're just disappointed, we're still a team and we still care about each other so we just have to move on."
On finding motivation for the last three games of the season:
"Pride, the game of football is a prideful game. We are going to go out there and play each other, especially for the seniors and go out there and win our last three games in college football. We can't get a winning season so all we can do is go out there and play for pride."

Sophomore WR Brian Watters
On the past few games being similar and how frustrating it is to be making the same mistakes:
"We weren't able to come out of games and pull off a win when we were very much able to, and we are still not putting it together on offense which is how it was last week also. It's very frustrating, we work hard during the week. We press on trying to put the past behind us, but we are just not performing and we are not holding up our end of the bargain on offense. Our hats are off to the defense they have been playing well and we just need to pick it up on the other side of the ball."
On the drop balls by receivers today:
"I guess there is really no excuse for it. It's a lack of concentration and not looking the ball into the hands. Sometimes we need to help our quarterback and make some tough catches on some though throws. Again there is no excuse for it, we are receivers and our job is to catch the ball."
On possible plays that could have been made against the Southern Miss defense:
"There were definitely plays that could have been made out there and we just didn't make them. In a game like this is really is no room for error, a very defense game. We need to take every advantage of everything our defense is giving us and we didn't do that tonight."