Catching up with the UCF Varsity Eight

May 21, 2007

UCFAthletics.com continues introducing Knights' fans to the members of the UCF varsity eight that earned the program's first ever bid to the NCAA Championships with sophomore Tanis Franchuk. A psychology major, Franchuk is one of the five Canadians in the line-up as she hails from Victoria, British Columbia.

When did you begin rowing? What attracted you to the sport?
I began rowing in seventh grade. I was attracted by the teamwork, competitiveness and camaraderie the sport involved.

Why did you decide to attend UCF?
I liked the campus, coaches and team and the weather. I wanted to be part of a rising program.

What is your favorite aspect of being a member of the UCF rowing team?
I love setting goals and helping accomplish them. The team is also made of amazing people.

What is the biggest misconception that non-rowers have regarding the sport?
That we don't use our legs at all while rowing and that erging is easy.

What is your most memorable highlight from the year?
Beating Louisville in the semifinals at South/Centrals by five-tenths of a second.

How would you describe the American/Canadian dynamic in the boat?
All the Canadians are on port and the Americans are on starboard. The porst love to pull around the starboards - especially on starts.

What are you most looking forward to about the NCAA Championship?
Just being there and being able to row against the "big dogs."

If the members of the varsity eight competed on Survivor, who would win and why?
Tara Rogers. She knows everything you need to know about anything.

What are your hobbies off the water?
I like being with my friends and family, traveling and snowboarding. I also like listening to music.

What are your plans for the upcoming summer?
I am going home to British Columbia and will row with my university team (University of Victoria).

Continue to check throughout the week for more conversations with the varsity eight. The 2007 NCAA Women's Rowing Championships take place from Friday, May 25 through Sunday, May 27 in Oak Ridge, Tenn.