Spring Football: Day Six's Quick Question

March 28, 2007

Orlando, Fla. (www.ucfathletics.com) - Following each spring football practice, a general question will be asked of a selected group of Golden Knights. Today's question was:

How has the transition been with the new defensive coaching staff?

Travis Timmons
#95 Sophomore Defensive Tackle

"The new transition has been great. Everyone is really picking up on the new defensive coaching staff. They bring a lot of energy to the team and everyone is playing well because of it."

Blake Carter
#10 Senior Linebacker

"I think it's a great transition. There has been a lot of positive energy coming from the coaches. They let us go out there and play as long as we work hard. They tell us that we will learn as long as we go out and work hard and run as fast as we can."

Breon Rogers
#37 Junior Defensive Back

"I feel really strongly about it. They know what they are doing. They give great coaching techniques on how we can improve. I think it's going pretty good."

Keith Shologan
#74 Senior Defensive Tackle

"It's actually really good. They bring a lot of excitement into our defense. It's nice. They've been pushing us. Once we get a hold of all of our new techniques, I think that we will be really good."

Jared Kirksey
#51 Junior Defensive End

"It's been really good. The transition has been really smooth. It's really a much easier defense than last year. It's a lot more intense and there is a lot more focus on each and every play."