2023 Football Post-Game Traffic Patterns

Post game traffic patterns

Red Line (E6, E8, Baseball, Garage F)   

Exit left on North Orion Blvd. and then turn left (West) on McCulloch Rd. towards Alafaya Trail (S.R. 434)   

Blue Line (Garage D, Softball)   

Exit North onto North Orion Blvd. and then proceed across McCulloch Rd. onto Lockwood Blvd. or turn right (East) onto McCulloch Rd.   

Yellow Line (Garage D, D1, D2, Garage C, Arboretum, C2, C2)   

Exit South onto Gemini Blvd. then South on Libra Dr. and into Research Park for multiple options for Alafaya Trail (S.R. 434) and 408   

Pink Line (C3, Garage B, B2, B5, B7, B9, B10, B11)   

Exit onto Gemini Blvd. to Central Florida Blvd. and out to Alafaya Trail (S.R. 434)   

Green Line (Garage A, B1, B3)   

Exit onto Gemini Blvd. to University Blvd. and Alafaya Trail (S.R. 434)   

Purple Line (Garage I, H3, H4)   

Exit onto Gemini Blvd./Centarus Blvd. to Alafaya Trail (S.R. 434)   

Orange Line (Garage H)   

Exit onto Gemini Blvd. toward Alafaya Trail (S.R. 434) and Corporate Blvd.