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Knights and Media Members Get First Glimpse of New
June 23, 2013
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June 24, 2013

On Monday afternoon, members of the UCF media and athletic staff got to see the Knights' new black stained basketball court for the first time. The Knights are the only basketball team in the nation to have a basketball court stained to that color.

UCF head men's basketball coach Donnie Jones talked to the media inside CFE Arena and talked about how the uniqueness of this court may help the Knights gain national attention. "I hope so," Jones said.

"We have a beautiful facility here and we also have a beautiful name now (CFE Arena) having a sponsorship with that and now having this court in here. It's just the beginning of the steps we need to take to build a great program."

"Having this as an emblem and a mark is something that kids like, recruits like [and] fans like," continued Jones. "It's something you can point to, but we have to do our job and win."

Above is a video with more from the fourth year UCF head coach and more from fellow UCF coaches and media members.

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