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May 23, 2019
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It has been more sight seeing and volleyball for us here in Japan. Over the past few days, we have meet two incredible teams both on and off the court. They have amazing defense and crazy offense which makes them a very competitive team.

Both teams we played showed great kindness to us, as we got to eat dinner with them and learn more about their lifestyles here in Japan. We also have been to ALOT of train stations, as it is the only way to get around in Japan.

My teammates and I have found a new love for rice, as not all the food is fully cooked or prepared the way most of us would like. Today, we went to Steak and Shake for an American meal after playing all day!

The Japanese food here has been amazing however, so many different meats and noodles to choose from.

Tomorrow, we are taking a bullet train to finish off our time here in Japan!

Over the last few days we have been in Tokyo touring and practicing for our upcoming game we have on Wednesday.

We have been able to go sightseeing on Tuesday during the day and saw
some amazing temples and little shops. It was raining all day Tuesday so our walks from the
train station to our next destination was always a wet one. Trains are the most common thing here, there are hardly any cars on the roads, we take the train everywhere we go.

The food herei is good, but chopsticks are the only type of eating utensil so it is a very slow process of eating. There is rice for every meal with usually some type of chicken, pork or fish!

My team and coaches have been amazing so far, as we are all learning about Japan together. So fare everythingis amazing and is a great experience!

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