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Todd's Thoughts: UCF vs. ECU
November 11, 2018
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On realizing this team’s strength…
Somehow, some way, we just started getting on a roll. We just started winning matches. And I really didn’t know how much we were in it until the first time we went up to Cincinnati and were able to beat them on their floor. During that time, we won a lot of close matches.

On team play...
But like we’ve talked about all year long, it’s all the intangibles. Other teams may have players that jump a little bit higher, move a little bit quicker, do some other things, but we have the best collection of people playing together. I’ve said it before, we might not be on paper the best team, but I think on the floor we play really well as a team. I think in that aspect I feel like we went out there and we were able to take care of things, and they deserve to win the championship, and I’m glad that they got it.

On team chemistry…
All I know is that they have, and we talked about this earlier, they just have that special ingredient. The fact that they play for each other, they really care and they play for each other, and they fight for each other, and there’s just enough firepower behind each of them that if they play their role really well…we can do damage, and that’s exactly what happened, and its been so consistent all year long. They would bend at times, but they never broke.

On being happy for people…
I could not be happier for Jordan Pingel. As a senior to go out with a championship, she came here to win a championship, and she’s walking out with one. I could not be happier for the program as a whole. I could not be happier for all the players, the 70s, 80s, 90s, 2000s and early teens, that set the culture, that established the winning tradition.

I thought ECU did some really nice things to try to slow us down. They served it short and some other stuff, but we adjusted to it pretty quickly. I thought ECU had a pretty good game plan, but I thought we adjusted. I was really happy with how quickly we adjusted and how efficiently we adjusted.

On the trophy picture…
Just ten minutes ago was the first time that I took that thing out of the bag, and I had a picture with my kids with each of the two trophies, and that meant a lot to me.

On enjoying the championship…
This one, I allowed myself to enjoy a lot more. I enjoyed the process of it, I enjoyed the winning it, and I’m going to enjoy the post of it. I think when you win a championship, you have to understand there’s a part of ‘everything has to come together.’ There’s luck, there’s so many things that go into it.

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