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Chillin' It
September 19, 2016
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ORLANDO, Fla. ( - With three weeks under her belt, associate head coach Corrie Hill, or as the players call her Coach "Chill," has made the most of her experience here as a Knight. After completing the leadership program the UCF softball team holds each year, she has learned more about the players and coaching staff.

Coming from the University of Texas into a well-established program here in Orlando, Coach Hill knew what to expect on the field with the players, but not entirely off the field. She has had the opportunity to speak with all of the players individually to better understand their playing styles and personalities.

Throughout this, we decided to ask her a few questions about her experience so far.

What were your expectations prior to arriving at UCF?
"Coming in as an experienced coach (28 years) and knowing (Coach Gillispie) for many years, I knew what type of program she has established here. At first, I wanted to be a little quiet and watch from the outside looking in, and gradually implement my style of coaching and emphasize current methods used here as well."

First impression of the UCF softball team (players and coaches)?
"I thought this group was very talented, with many different but warm personalities. I believe that going through the leadership program showed a strong bond early in the semester that will stick with us for the remainder of the year."

How do you like the environment of UCF so far?
"I love the central Florida atmosphere. The warm weather is awesome, and I enjoy living in the suburbs of a larger city. I also love how clean everything is after it rains."

What lessons do you hope to pass along to your players?
"I hope to reach them in different ways, from being confident women to building life skill strategies. Not only for softball purposes, I want to teach them skills they can take into their future careers."

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