UCF will continue using the postgame traffic flow approach implemented in 2015. The goal is to help fans access many of the main roads around campus to exit heavy on-campus traffic as quickly as possible.

During these post-game traffic pattern changes, two areas are completely closed to motor-vehicle traffic. The section of Gemini Boulevard North in front of CFE Arena is for pedestrian use only, as is a section of North Orion Boulevard near the football practice fields.

Traffic patterns will return to normal once the UCF Police Department has determined a significant amount of post-game traffic has cleared from campus.

Important Notes: 

All day before kickoff till 90 minutes after kickoff:

  • North Orion Blvd access open to two-way traffic.

90 minutes after kickoff till postgame:

  • You can no longer enter the campus via North Orion Blvd from McCulloch Road.
  • After that time, all incoming Gold Zone parking must come in from south end of campus ( i.e. University Blvd entrance, not Gemini).
  • Contraflow post game traffic patterns in effect.

It is recommended that you research the best route to your destination from your campus exit point ahead of time.

For more information, please contact UCF Athletics Sales & Service at 407.UCF.1000 (407.823.1000).

Lot E6/E8 (Red Line) Softball Lot/Lot E5 (Blue Line)
Garages C&D/Lot C2, C3, D1, D2 (Yellow Line) Baseball Lot/Garages F & H (Orange Line)
Garage A, Garage I, Lots H1-4 (Purple Line) Garages A&I, Lots B1-B6 (Pink Line)
Please click your lot's link for detailed information.

Interactive Map - Click your lot for more details.


Lot E6/E8 (Red Line)


Please note, as of the 2016 season, E7 is no longer in existence as it has merged with E6.

Fans parking in Lots E6 or E8 will utilize the Red Line to exit campus.

  • Exit Lots E6 and E8 to the left and travel north on North Orion Boulevard, utilizing the lanes closest to Spectrum Stadium.
  • Turn left on McCulloch Road and travel west toward Alafaya Trail.


Softball Lot/Lot E5 (Blue Line)


Fans parking in the Softball Lot or in Lot E5 will utilize the Blue Line.

  • Exit to the right and travel north on North Orion Boulevard, utilizing the outside lanes.
  • At the intersection of McCulloch and North Orion, continue north on Lockwood Boulevard or turn right and travel east on McCulloch Road.


Garage C/Garage D/Lot C2/Lot C3/Lot D1/Lot D2 (Yellow Line)


Fans parking in any of the C and D Lots, Garage C or Garage D will utilize the Yellow Line.

  • Exit to the right and travel south on Gemini Boulevard East.
  • At the intersection of Libra Drive and Gemini Boulevard East, fans have the option to turn left and travel south on Libra Drive or continue on to Gemini Boulevard South.
  • Those who turn left on Libra Drive will exit through Research Park to numerous main roads, including Alafaya Trail, East Colonial Drive (U.S. 50) or the East-West Expressway (FL-408).
  • Those who continue on Gemini Boulevard South will turn left on Central Florida Boulevard and then turn left or right on Alafaya Trail.


Baseball Lot/Garage F/Garage H (Orange Line)



Fans parking in the Baseball Lot, Garage F or Garage H will utilize the Orange Line.

  • From the Baseball Lot, turn left on West Plaza Drive and travel west to Gemini Boulevard North or turn right and join the Red Line.
  • From Garage F, exit to the left on Knights Victory Way, then turn left on West Plaza Drive and connect with Gemini Boulevard North.
  • From Garage H, turn left and travel west on Gemini Boulevard North.
  • All vehicles on the Orange Line will eventually end up traveling west on Gemini Boulevard North until they reach Alafaya Trail.


Garage A, Garage I, Lots H1-4 (Purple Line)


Fans parking in Garage A, Garage I, Lot H1, Lot H2, Lot H3 or Lot H4 will utilize the Purple Line.

  • The Purple Line exits campus on Alafaya Trail from Centaurus Boulevard.
  • From Garage A, Garage I or Lot H3, travel north on Gemini Boulevard West. Then, turn left and proceed west on Centaurus Boulevard to Alafaya Trail.
  • From Lot H1, H2 or H4, follow either Centaurus Boulevard or Aquarius Agora Drive to Gemini Boulevard West. Turn left and travel south before turning right on Centaurus Boulevard to Alafaya Trail.
  • All vehicles on the Purple Line will exit campus at Alafaya Trail via Centaurus Boulevard.


Garage B, Lots B1-6 (Pink Line)


Fans parking in Garage B, Lot B1, B2, B3, B4, B5 or B6 will utilize the Pink Line.

  • The Pink Line exits campus on University Boulevard.
  • Follow Andromeda Loop North in a westerly direction, then turn right on Gemini Boulevard South toward the northwest.
  • Turns left, toward the west, on University Boulevard. At the intersection of Alafaya Trail and University Boulevard, turn right or left and head north or south on Alafaya Trail or continue west on University Boulevard
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