*Please note that anyone trying out for cheer OR dance teams MUST bring lab results showing that you have had a sickle cell test AND a doctor's proof of a physical completed in 2019 (showing you are cleared to participate). You must bring this lab report AND proof of physical on the first day of clinic. Please check with your family physician and plan ahead.

Dance Prospect Information Sheet
We encourage all future dance team prospects to fill out a prospect information sheet. This will get you onto our mailing list for all updates.

Spring 2019 Tryout Prep Clinic For Ages 13 and Up! - Friday, April 12th   from 5:30-9pm. 
The KnightMoves Tryout Prep clinic is the best way to prepare for an upcoming college dance audition. This clinic is for ages 13 and up including middle school and high school dancers as well as college transfer students. The clinic includes across the floor combos, a routine and our Fight Song which is a part of the KnightMoves auditions. We will also talk about our Dance program at UCF and the coaches will be available for Q and A regarding the tryout process. We encourage all underclassmen to attend as well as those planning to audition for the team on the following day. This is an excellent opportunity to improve your skills and can provide an invaluable experience.

Again, although a majority of the girls attending the clinic will be high school seniors who plan to audition for KnightMoves the following day, we encourage dancers ages 13 and up to attend. This is a wonderful opportunity to work with our college dance coaches and learn all about our nationally ranked UCF Dance program.

The clinic is located at the "Venue" which is at the back of the UCF Arena (near Garage F).

Spring Tryouts 2019 - Weekend of Friday, April 12th   Saturday, April 13th  & Sunday, April 14th  .

Skill Requirements 
Each prospective dancer will be evaluated on their flexibility, stylistic variety and their performance of the specific skills. We have listed a few of the skills that may be a part of the audition process. Please be prepared to demonstrate all skills on both right and left sides. Strong technique and endurance is important. You should be physically performance ready. You will go through a warm-up and across the floor as well as dance combinations of jazz, pom and hip hop.  All of the material can be found at the Dance Video Tryout link below

- Turns (doubles, triples and quads, leg hold, turning leg hold, turns in second and fouettes) 
- Dances (Jazz & Hip Hop Routine will be taught)
- Leaps (a Grande Jete, Side Leap, Calypso, Turning toe touch, Switch Leap both front and open)
- Motions (UCF Fight Song and a pom routine/ band dance will be taught)
- Toe Touch Jump
- Ability to lead and engage a crowd (Do not underestimate the importance of this)
- Interview

What to Wear
First day of tryouts - Saturday, April 13th 
A black crop top or sports bra that compliments you, black shorts, and jazz shoes are required for day one of tryouts. You may also bring pants and comfortable tennis shoes for hip hop. PLEASE COME WITH "PERFORMANCE" HAIR AND MAKE-UP.

Second day of tryouts - Sunday, April 14th
Crop top of your choice (any color) that compliments you, black shorts, and jazz shoes are required for day two of tryouts. You may also bring pants and comfortable tennis shoes for hip hop. PLEASE COME WITH "PERFORMANCE" HAIR AND MAKE-UP.

Although the top you are wearing should be a sports bra/midriff/ crop top your attire should not be revealing and pants should NOT be rolled down on hips.  One pair of stud earrings is the only jewelry permitted. No belly rings or other body piercings and tattoos must be covered.

Method of Evaluation 
The team is selected by the coaching staff at UCF. Cuts are made after each session until the final day when the team is named. Audition sessions are closed to the public and are limited ONLY to the coaching staff and the applicants.

Tryout Eligibility
Anyone who is a full-time student at UCF or has received a letter of acceptance may tryout. This includes incoming freshmen and transfer students. Current UCF students must have a minimum 2.0 GPA and be free of any academic or disciplinary probation.
On the first day of the tryout, you must bring the following:
1. Copy of acceptance letter or UCF Student ID.
2. Copy of front and back of medical insurance card.
3. Lab results of a Sickle Cell test. (Not just signed note from Doctor) 
(If you have never had a sickle cell test, you must get a prescription from your doctor and go to a lab and get these run and then bring the results to be sure to PLAN AHEAD!!!!!)
4. Completed and signed Tryout Registration Form including signed Medical Waiver papers.
5. General Sport Physical form signed by Physician, Physician Assistant or Nurse Practitioner indicating that you have had a physical in 2019 and are cleared to participate.

Tryout Schedule & Locations 

Tryouts for the 2019-20 KnightMoves Dance Team will be held over the weekend of April 12th, 13th, 14th 
Friday, April 12th  Location: "Venue" located at the UCF Arena. Park in Garage D or Garage F
5:00pm. Check in begins for the prep clinic.
5:30 - 9pm. Prep Clinic for ages 13 and up including those who will audition for the 2019-20 team. 
We will take 30 minute dinner break so be sure to pack a lunchbox

Saturday, April 13th   Location: "Venue" located at the UCF Arena. Park in Garage D or Garage F
8:30-9:15 registration held at the "Venue" located at the UCF Arena. Park in Garage D
9:15-12:30 start time - floor work and skills evaluation - (cut) 
12:30-2:30 lunch
2:30-5:30 session I (cut)
5:45-9:00 Interviews

Sunday April 14th   Location: "Venue" located at the UCF Arena. Park in Garage D or Garage F
9:00 AM - start time - session II at the "Venue" located at the back of the UCF Arena. Park in Garage D or Garage F
12:00 - 12:15 short break 
12:15 (final cut)
2:00-4:00 Team Meeting

Fall Tryouts 2019 – Fall Tryouts will be “As Needed” if there are spots open on the team.
A meeting will be held for any dancers interested in fall tryouts on August 27th at 6pm in the first floor lobby of the UCF Venue.  If you have them completed, please bring your tryout packet, proof of physical and sickle cell lab results with you to the meeting.  You will have an opportunity to turn these in if you have them with you.  If you need more time, be sure to attend the meeting but bring your paperwork to the audition on September 3rd.
Auditions will be held on September 3rd at 6pm. Please plan in advance and get your sickle cell lab work and physical completed “now”!  For any questions please contact or call 407-823-2143.

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