Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine - 2018 Emergency Action Plans Coaches/Sports Staff
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Jablonski, MD, Michael Orthopedic Surgeon
Krumins, MD, Kenneth Medical Director/Orthopaedic Surgeon
Meuser, MD, Douglas General Practice
Monette, MD, Daniel Medical Director
Numbers, Fax   WDSC: 6744
Gidus, Tara Nutritionist
Kellogg, Trish Nutritionist
Klausner, Sheila Physical Therapist 303-6610
Magluta, Jessica Insurance Coordinator (407) 823-0095
Waltos, Brian Graduate Assistant - Volleyball, Cheer 5302
O'Donnell, Patrick Graduate Assistant - Football, Women's Golf 2030
Matthis, Kristen Graduate Assistant - Rowing, Softball 0031
Grimshaw, Alyson Graduate Assistant - Cross Country, Track 2030
Bahr, Kyle Graduate Assistant - Cross Country, Track, Rowing 2030
Woodley, Edmeston Athletic Trainer - Football, Track & Field 0585
Wichael, Samuel Assistant Athletic Trainer - Baseball 4303
Wesche, Adam Assistant Athletic Trainer - Men's Soccer and Women's Tennis 4303
Warne, Alex Assistant Athletic Trainer - Women's Basketball 4955
Visco, Samantha Assistant Athletic Trainer - Women's Soccer, Men's Tennis 0095
Schweim, Jarrett Athletic Trainer - Men's Basketball, Men's Golf 0130
Vander Heiden, Mary Director of Sports Medicine 0963

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